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Letter: State bird in decline

The Meadowlark, North Dakota’s state bird, has distinct yellow and black coloration, and its call has a unique flute like melody. Unfortunately, the Meadowlark is in trouble, along with forty-six other birds in North Dakota.

Recently added to the state’s revised list of Species of Conservation Priority level II, its numbers are in decline. Why? Habitat. In fact all forty-six birds on the list are in decline due to loss of habitat namely grasslands and wetlands. 

The good news is you as North Dakotans can do something about it with your vote. The Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment would dedicate a small portion of the existing oil and gas revenues towards maintaining critical habitat for these species, as well as places to hunt, fish, and camp, and youth outdoor education programs. 

Vote yes to the Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks Amendment and bring back the Meadowlark.

Craig Colman, 

Detroit Lakes, Minn.