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Letter: Get out and vote

It was something of a surprise to see Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s personal letter to the editor in response to a recent letter that suggested he could be doing more to educate voters in North Dakota and improving voter turnout. One wonders what prompted a public reaction? Was it that the letter hit too close to home?

Only a small portion of the voting public turned out for the June primary. The Secretary cavalierly countered by saying it’s everyone else’s responsibility, not his. In fact, candidates knocked on doors, newspapers ran story after story, and our political parties were in full form — just as they are right now, leading up to the general election on Nov. 4.

My hunch is most young adults, the first-time voters in North Dakota, are unaware of Mr. Jaeger, his office, or what he does or doesn’t do. The status quo in the Secretary of State’s office isn’t working. The challenges posed by our ‘new North Dakota” tell us the need for a change has become more urgent throughout most channels of state government, but especially in this office. Either we elect someone with energy and passion or we will continue to see abysmal voter turnout such as we did in June.

Ben Gums, Jamestown