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LETTER: Support DSU's nursing program

This letter is to support retention of funding for the Dickinson State University budget, specifically for the Department of Nursing. Should DSU have to decrease its budget by >20%, the Nursing education programs would be in jeopardy. This letter is supported by past Professors of Nursing, whom believe in the LPN and RN programs. We represent over 101 years of nurse educator experience and of living in Dickinson. Monies must to be allocated to allow the DSU budget to afford nursing education.

We believe in this program, for 3 reasons: 1) The nurses who graduate from this program are extremely intelligent and pass their boards at high rates; 2) The graduates are needed now and in the future; 3) the student nurses are engaged in healthcare jobs prior to and after graduation, as a desirable labor pool for health care in southwest ND.

Students whom graduate from the DSU Department of Nursing, have a tradition of passing the state nursing boards at a rate of consistently above 90% for many years, as far back into the 1990s. We have taught these students and know they are of high quality!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Employment Projections 2012-2022, The national RN workforce is expected to grow from 2.7 million in 2012 to 3.2 million in 2022. The projected number is for nearly 500,000+ new RNs by 2022, and there will be a need for 500,000+ replacements RNs to fill for those who will retire. This equates to 1,000,000 RNs for America by 2022. North Dakota must continue educating as many nurses as we possibly can!

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while in the educational programs for nurses at DSU and thereafter, the student nurses are employed by area health care facilities. Many of the students are CNAs and LPNs while in the DSU programs. Many of our families have been cared for by DSU nurses. Without this pool of student nurses, it would be difficult to staff nursing departments in local facilities.

For all the above reasons, and because we believe in the outstanding nursing education programs offered by DSU, this letter is a plea to support funding of the DSU budget. Please contact your local legislators. Let your voices be heard. DSU deserves and should be offered budget supports to retain its LPN and RN educational programs.

Cheryl Lantz, RN, PhD, 15 years of service, Dickinson

Gayle Hofland, RN, MSN, 23 years of service, Dickinson

Alison Stull/Pritchard, RN, PhD, 15 years of service, Eureka, Cali.

Terry Klusmann, RN, MSN, 27 years of service, Dickinson

Alicia Heick, RN, MSN, 13 years of service, Bismarck

Judy Bock, RN, FNP, MSN 8 years of service, Dickinson