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LETTER: Stand up for the flag


Parade season is here once again.  I watched the parade in Dickinson on July 1 from a corner near Cenex and could see both sides of the street for a block or so. It looked like I was the only one who stood and respected the American flag as the color guard marched with it down the street. Everybody else seemed to be content to sit, visit, eat, walk, shake candy bags or ignore it as the flag passed by.

What a shame! I am embarrassed for you as you didn’t even make the effort for a minute of your time. Weren’t you taught to stand with your hand over your heart as respect for our national symbol?  Men, weren’t you taught to remove your hats and hold it over your heart? I don’t know if children were taught flag etiquette in school but parents should  encourage it anyway—and this applies to all ages—even toddlers. If you don’t know it, learn it and practice it.

The flag with the gold fringe around the edges is usually the one that is in the lead in a parade.  It is the responsibility of every U.S. citizen to show honor to that American flag.  Stand up as it passes in the procession. Give a right hand over heart salute and keep it there until the flag has passed by. So simple to do but so many are too lazy or ignorant. Which one are you?

Many loved ones have been injured or died for the freedoms that American flag

represents. Don’t be lazy, embarrassed or ashamed about standing up and showing your respect for it.   Get your friends to join you in showing pride in the symbol of our country. These simple rules apply all year long—not just during parades.   If you put one on your house, in your yard or wave a small one, I hope you can stand up for one as well.  Be an example.

More parades in other towns will be held around the area. As a spectator will you be one to stand up and proudly declare you are an American?  I sure hope so.

Marlene Kouba, Regent