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LETTER: Property tax facts ‘ambiguous’ and ‘mind boggling’


I read the editorial “Property Tax Facts from local representatives.”  Perhaps a better name for the article would be “Property Tax,  making everybody feel good while giving them the shaft.”

Their facts  seem to be ambiguous and mind boggling.

They seem to be covering up the fact that our lawmakers really had no intention of reforming property taxes despite the fact that there were enough people upset to get the issue placed on the ballot in the first place.  

It  appears to me that our state legislatures idea of fixing property tax is to restrict the people's means to do it with.

No person elected to public office ever met a tax that they didn’t like.  Especially property tax.  It’s made to be abused.  All that beneficiaries of property tax have to do sit back and watch valuations rise and when tax bills go higher they can say,  “we never raised mill levies.”     Government at every level is corrupt from top to bottom.  

Some “FACTS”  to consider.  

  1. The increases that they are speaking of are just the beginning.  
  2. A lot of people are now paying more in taxes for their houses and property than what they paid when they purchased it,  and are continuing to pay for it. You will never own your own property.
  3. No other tax penalizes you for improving yourself.  If a person finally gets to the point where they can afford to make repairs or upgrades on their houses or property,  Their valuation increases dramatically and they pay for that improvement as long as they own the property.  How is that fair?  
  4. Reform in government at any level will come from the bottom up!  Never,  from the top down.
  5. Property taxes need to be done away with in North Dakota.  Many people told me they voted against Measure Number 2 last time,  but they will NOT “drink the local control Kool aid” again.  You can fool all or most of the people some of the time and some of the people  all of the time but with the legislature doing nothing with property reform and “Local Control” being totally out of control we may find the mindset of North Dakota will not go along with “I’m  from the government and I’m here to help”.  If you have any ideas,  email me at

Ralph Muecke,  Gladstone