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Ex-Bison wideout has wild web page

FARGO -- A Web site page attributed to former North Dakota State wide receiver Jordan Schultenover pictures a scene of partying behavior saturated with drug-related material.

The entry includes an animated video on how to roll a marijuana cigarette. Schultenover, a senior who was expected to be the team's top receiver this fall, was dismissed from the Bison football team this week for violating team rules.

In one section on his MySpace page, which was last updated in 2007, Schultenover lists his general interests as "girls, parties, blowin' drow, drinking, playing football, sports, girls, music." "Blowin' drow" is a slang term for smoking hydroponic marijuana, a weed grown indoors using a system of tubes, filters and fertilizers, according to Urban Dictionary online site.

Schultenover's MySpace page was not private, meaning anybody on a computer could view it. A photo on the page shows a male with a marijuana-looking cigarette in his mouth. In another section under "Jordan's Details," he listed "yes/yes" after the following: "Smoke/Drink:"

The page answers the following -- "People I would like to meet" -- with "Krunk people to have a hellova a time with, and nice girls who like to be bad." One of the definitions of 'Krunk" in the Urban Dictionary is "Severe intoxication or getting drunk; a very fun or enjoyable time; also used to describe something cool, hip, or fashionable."

Photos also show Schultenover either holding or drinking alcohol. Head coach Craig Bohl said he could not make further comment on Schultenover. Bison players were warned last year after a Forum story detailing under-aged athletes with alcohol appearing on social networking sites.

The athletic department has a policy addressing abuse of the sites.

"If it's brought to our attention, we address it," said Nona Wood, NDSU's director of rights and responsibilities. "But I wouldn't say it's real frequent because we don't go looking for it."

Wood said students could be penalized depending on the severity of the online material.

"It depends on how egregious the stuff is that we find," she said. "If it's a one-time picture, we might have a conversation whereas if it's huge amounts of information that suggest a lifestyle choice, then it might involve heavier sanctions."

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