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Locals victorious at Boomtown Brawl

Press Photo by Dustin Monke Dickinson's Matt Michaelson exchanges blows with Jesse Newbreast of Butte, Mont., on Saturday night during the Boomtown Brawl mixed martial arts fights at the Dickinson Recreation Center. Michaelson won in the second round.

It was eye-opening and, at times, brutal, but Matt Michaelson stayed undefeated in the mixed martial arts cage Saturday night during the Boomtown Brawl at the Dickinson Recreation Center.

The Dickinson native and former Dickinson State All-America wrestler shook off a tough first round and rebounded for a victory via referee stoppage 2 minutes, 38 seconds into the second round after he went to his to his wrestling background.

Jesse Newbreast of Butte, Mont., had landed powerful kicks and solid knees to the head of Michaelson late in the first round.

"He caught me off guard and I had to take a step back and recollect," Michaelson said.

The main event featuring Dickinson's Kylan Klauzer had the estimated 2,000 fans riled up. The climax, however, took only 32 seconds to reach as the Dickinson Police detective made quick work of Tony Kelly to win the Pound 'em Productions Heavyweight Championship.

After exchanging a few brief punches, the much faster Klauzer took the match to the ground. A flurry of punches by the 6-foot-3, 245-pound bruiser led to a win via rear naked choke as Kelly, from Rapid City, S.D., tapped out.

"You want to get in there and get it over with and get the win," Klauzer said. "I put a lot of time into this and there are a lot of people that help out behind the scenes."

In the final fight before the co-main event, Cole Ackerman of Glendive, Mont., took on Jon Knutson of Rapid City, in a bout that turned out to be a battle.

Ackerman won the only three-round fight of the night via a unanimous judges decision.

"It takes a lot of heart," Ackerman said. "A lot of times you think you can't go on but you just got to dig deep and keep going.

"I wasn't in as good of shape as I would have liked to be. I just has a baby daughter two months ago. I was a little unprepared for this fight."

Robert Fitch returned to Dickinson a lot leaner but just as mean.

The Gillette, Wyo., fighter topped had 35 pounds on Travis McCullough and won via triangle choke at 3:22.

Both fighters chose to start on their feet, but Fitch quickly took the fight to the mat and took control and used his weight to his advantage and eliminated McCullogh's reach.

"When you fight taller guys it's easier to change levels on them," Fitch said. "When he started swinging high I took him to the mat and that's when I knew I had it. I don't care, I'll fight whoever."

Former Dickinson State wrestler Shane Bennett took to the cage against Chris Hugh in the fourth match. What started out as the nights first more technical match, Bennett turned it into more of a pick your poison match for Hugh.

Hugh seemed to take control midway through the first round. But after a quick hip rotation, Bennett isolated and locked up Hugh's right arm, which eventually ended Hugh's night as Bennett held tight for an arm bar and the match ended at 2:31.

"I'm comfortable on top or bottom," Bennett said. "I just really worked on my conditioning ... you see way to many guys just laying around out there."

The first fight of the night showcased Dickinson's Damian Berger and Ira Carson.

In the second round, Carson started to wear down Berger and took advantages of numerous mistakes, eventually earning a victory 2:47 into the second-round via tap out.

Bismarck's Branden Lawrence followed by upending Dickinson's Clint Mrnak.

Both had swelled eyebrows after landing elbows. With the fresh cut to Mrnak's eyebrow, Lawrence slipped his way into perfect position for a win with a rear naked chokehold 3:50 into the first round.

In a match between two Dickinson fighters, Travis Hoffman proved to have the tougher jaw as he spent most of the first round receiving punishment from Zimmy Zimdars.

Zimdars delivered multiple elbows and heavy fist to the face of Hoffman, as he spanned more than a 2 minute and 20 seconds on top. Hoffman battled back and was able to land a few blows of his own before the bell rang.

But, Zimdars was unable to respond to the second round bell and the match was called in favor of Hoffman.

"He outweighs me by quiet a bit," Hoffman said. "He also has a few fights more than me. I just wanted to stay in it in the first round."

Kevin Tjaden of Miles City, Mont., took on newcomer Kale Oversen of Killdeer.

Oversen delivered a right kick to Tjaden's head in the opening seconds, but Tjaden showed his experience and moved the fight to the mat and quickly took control for a victory via referee stoppage 2:01 into the first round.

Boomtown Brawl

At Dickinson Recreation Center

Ira Carson, Dickinson, def. Damian Berger, Dickinson, tapout, 7:47.

Branden Lawrence, Bismarck, def. Clint Mrnak, Dickinson, rear naked choke, 3:50.

Travis Hoffman, Dickinson, def. Zimmy Zimdars, Dickinson, unable to respond to first-round bell, 5:00.

Kevin Tjaden, Miles City, Mont., def. Kale Oversen, Killdeer, referee stoppage, 2:01

Shane Bennett, Dickinson, def. Chris Hugh, Bismarck, arm bar, 2:31.

Robert Fitch, Gillette, Wyo., def. Travis McCullough, Valley City, triangle choke, 3:22.

Cole Ackerman, Glendive, Mont., def. Jon Knutson, Rapid City, S.D., unanimous decision, 15:00.

Matt Michaelson, Dickinson, def. Jesse Newbreast, referee stoppage, 2:38.

Kylan Klauzer, Dickinson, def. Tony Kelly, Rapid City, S.D., tapout :32.

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