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Midgets' Lindsey claims title at 138

Press Photo by Royal McGregor Dickinson senior Alec Lindsey, left, puts Dawson County (Mont.) junior Dillon Beeler in an awkward position Saturday during the 138-pound championship of the Dickinson Classic wrestling tournament as the referee counts off near-fall points. Lindsey won by an 8-2 decision.

The Dickinson High wrestling team went up and down the weight classes, coming away with 12 placewinners Saturday at the Dickinson Classic.

Senior Alec Lindsey led the way, winning the team's only individual title at 138 pounds as the Midgets placed seventh in the tournament held at DHS gymnasium.

"Right now the boys are wrestling as one and not 22," Dickinson head coach Bruce Heppner said. "They are all there matside, whether it's a dual or a tournament. They are cheering on everybody."

Heppner said a dozen was the most Dickinson has placed in a long time.

Lindsey won 138 with an 8-2 decision over Dillon Beeler of Dawson County, Mont. Lindsey said he is always looking forward to wrestling someone new.

"It's a pretty good feeling," Lindsey said. "You are going out there and facing someone you don't see that often and it's easier to do that because he doesn't know your style of wrestling."

The road to the finals wasn't that simple for Lindsey as he had to wrestle a familiar face in the semifinals: Dane Fischer of Bismarck St. Mary's. Lindsey now holds a 2-1 record over Fischer after a 13-10 decision.

For Lindsey, knowing he can beat an opponent twice is good feeling.

"It's really good getting that second win on him," he said. "He's huge rival of mine and that also puts me up another rank in the state."

Williston won the Dickinson Classic with 290 points, followed by Minot (189) and Fargo South (187). The two schools Dickinson was happy to finish in front of were Bismarck High and St. Mary's.

"It's a pretty big confidence booster knowing that we can compete with those guys," Lindsey said. "It shows we are a good tournament team like we are a dual team."

Bryton Brien (126) and Jade Dirk (170) each placed third for the Midgets. Brien, who is an eighth-grader, lost his semifinal match to Keenan Ternes of Mandan in a 4-2 decision.

"For an eighth-grader, Bryton had an outstanding tournament," Heppner said.

Dirk lost a 9-6 decision to Minot's Dayne Haman in the semifinals but the Dickinson senior went on to pin Ramsay North of Belle Fourche, S.D., in his final match.

"He's (Dirk) going to come out toward the top end of a lot of the tournaments," Heppner said.

Despite freshman Jacob Brooke's fifth-place finish at 170 not counting in the final team score -- he wrestled unattached -- it caught Heppner's eye.

"I think he surprised a lot at 170 pounds," Heppner said.

Sophomore Devin Berger's fifth-place finish at 126 did count in the scorebook, however. He had to battle back after a defeat in the quarterfinals.

Dickinson had three wrestlers take sixth (Austin Hutzenbiler at 113, Ryder Peterson at 145 and Michael Cherwinski at 152), two take seventh (Jace Dukart at 160 and Thomas McCarty at 182) and two finish eighth (Dillon Clark at 132 and Matt Berg at 138).

The Midgets travel to Bismarck High on Tuesday.

"We are just going to carry our success from this weekend into the next dual and hope for the best," Lindsey said.

Dickinson Classic

Team scores: Williston 290, Minot 189, Fargo South 187, Fargo Davies 173.5, Dawson County (Mont.) 155.5, Belcourt 153, Dickinson 141.5, Mandan 115, Hardin (Mont.) 114, Belle Fourche (S.D.) 84, Bismarck High 70, Bismarck St. Mary's 69, Lemmon (S.D.) 68, Custer County (Mont.) 49, Wolf Point (Mont.) 49, Sidney (Mont.) 21, Circle (Mont.) 20, Watford City 19.


Championship: Bryce Burnside, Davies pinned Marvin Berry, South, 3:53. Third place: Cayne Cymbaluk, Mandan, pinned Layne Schafer, Sidney, 3:54. Fifth place: Mestro Martinez, WP, dec. Hayden Rossoll, Williston, 10-3. Seventh place: Brandon Zachmeier, Mandan, pinned Jonathon Fraase, South, 1:35. Semifinals: Burnside, Davies, pinned Martinez, WP, 2:58; Berry, South, dec. Rossol, Williston, 11-7.


Championship: Curt Zachmeier, Mandan, dec. Tate Barnhardt, SM, 5-1. Third place: Marlo Bell, South, major dec. Logan Boese, Bismarck, 16-3. Fifth place: Sammy Maisey, Williston, defeated. Austin Hutzenbiler, DHS, disqualification. Seventh place: Jorey Bartsch, Minot, pinned Chandler Metcalf, Hardin, 3:48. Semifinals: Zachmeier, Mandan, major dec. Maisey, Williston, 10-1; Barnhardt, SM, pinned Hutzenbiler, DHS, 1:27.


Championship: T.J. Lavallie, Belcourt, pinned Grant Laducer, Belcourt, 4:19. Third place: Tyler Forcella, DC, dec. Bryant Dorn, Hardin, 10-8. Fifth place: Devin Berger, DHS, pinned Gabe Nehlson, Minot, 4:21. Seventh place: Cale Sass, Williston, def. Rashidi Kikopa, forfeit. Semifinals: Laducer dec. Forcella, 5-4; Lavallie pinned Dorn, 1:40.


Championship: Tyler Kinn, DC, dec. Keenan Ternes, Mandan, 5-2. Third place: Bryton Brien, DHS, def. Rico Stormer, Circle, 5-5 UTB. Fifth place: Colten Njos, BF, major dec. Jesse Hoffart, Minot, 15-6. Seventh place: Beau Bergeron, Williston, pinned Jon Lemon, Hardin, 4:14. Semifinals: Kinn major dec. Stormer, 18-6; Ternes dec. Brien, 4-2.


Championship: Cody Haugen, Minot, dec. Cole Mehring, Davies, 4-2. Third place: Layne Lantis, DC, dec. Marty Etchemendy, CC, 1-0. Fifth place: Garrett Horsman, WP, pinned Eugene Fleetwood, Belcourt, 4:00. Seventh place: Caden Lerbakken, Williston, dec. Dillon Clark, DHS, 4-3. Semifinals: Mehring dec. Lantis, 8-2; Haugen dec. Etchemendy, 3-2.


Championship: Alec Lindsey, DHS, dec. Dillon Beeler, DC, 8-2. Third place: Jordan Delp, Hardin, dec. Dane Fischer, SM, 13-10. Fifth place: Joe Rice, Williston, dec. Cole Alexander, Davies, 5-3. Seventh place: Lucas Maul, Williston, vs. Matt Berg, Dickinson, 7-5. Semifinals: Beeler dec. Delp, 2-0; Fischer dec. Lindsey, 5-3.


Championship: Paul Michaelson, Williston, dec. Adam Stein, Mandan, 13-8. Third place: Myrone Bell, South, dec. David Preller, CC, 9-3. Fifth place: Trevor Kalberer, WC, dec. Ryder Peterson, DHS, 11-7. Seventh place: Joe Scheiffer, pinned Geraldo Fox, 1:51. Semifinals: Michaelson pinned Peterson, 3:28; Stein pinned Bell, 4:51.


Championship: Eddie Maisey, Williston, pinned Cole Bilbrey, DC, 5:30. Third place: Darren Crissler, DC, dec. Anthony Pitner, Minot, 1-0. Fifth place: Robert Richter, SM, dec. Michael Cherwinski, DHS, 10-3. Seventh place: Levi Butkay, Hardin, pinned Nigel Helley, South, 2:12. Semifinals: Maisey pinned Crissler, 3:38; Bilbrey dec. Pitner, 5-4.


Championship: Wyatt Azure, Belcourt, dec. David Rabe, Minot, 14-7. Third place: Zander Mairs, Davies, dec. Alex Haaland, Williston, 4-3. Fifth place: Markus Noeske, Williston, pinned Derek Diefenderfer, BF, 2:51. Seventh place: Jace Dukart, DHS, dec. David Dey, CC, 6-4. Semifinals: Azure dec. Haaland, 6-2; Rabe major dec. Noeske, 13-3.


Championship: Jacob Sargent, Williston, pinned Dayne Haman, Minot, 4:00. Third place: Jade Dirk, DHS, pinned Ramsay Norton, BF, 2:40. Fifth place: Jacob Brooke, Dickinson, pinned Jake Solem, South, 3:35. Seventh place: Ty Seidel, Lemmon, vs. Reid Hessman, SM, double disqualification. Semifinals: Sargent pinned Norton, 1:13; Haman dec. Dirk, 9-6.


Championship: Cody Nielson, South, pinned Dyllon Faul, SM, :55. Third place: Brandon Benth, Williston, dec. Brandon Rodriguez, Belcourt, 4-3. Fifth place: Kyle Leining, Williston, pinned David Hopson, WP, :20. Seventh place: Thomas McCarty, DHS, dec. Alex Spilman, Mandan, 6-2. Semifinals: Nielson dec. Benth, 5-2; Faul dec. Hopson, 4-0.


Championship: Briley Crissler, Belcourt, major dec. PT Thomas, BF, 10-0. Third place: Zach Corneliusan, Williston, dec. Jose Henriquez, Bismarck, 9-4. Fifth place: Nick Kjera, Davies, dec. Daniel Macy, Minot, 5-3. Seventh place: Trex Opp, Mandan, pinned Alex Jensen, South, 4:02. Semifinals: Crissler dec. Henriquez, 5-0; Thomas dec. Corneliusan, 4-3.


Championship: Darrek Crissler, Davies, pinned Campbell Nielson, South, 3:49. Third place: Joe Murdock, Hardin, pinned Jesse Oliver, Lemmon, 3:52. Fifth place: Bret Sandberg, Williston, major dec. Chris Mann, Williston, 16-4. Seventh place: Broden Hafner, WP, dec. Anthony Mann, Williston, 5-2. Semifinals: Crissler pinned Sandberg, 3:36; Nielson pinned Murdock, 3:04.


Championship: Brody Peterson, Lemmon, major dec. Nick Nesdahl, Minot, 12-0. Third place: Brandon Sandberg, Williston, pinned Tyler Noyes, Hardin, 2:34. Fifth place: Joe Mehrer, South, pinned Dustin Zeiman, Minot, 1:40. Seventh place: Seymour Page, Belcourt, pinned Chris Ennen, Davies, :53. Semifinals: Peterson pinned Zeiman, 1:55; Nesdahl dec. Sandberg, 2-0 (OT).