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New leaders emerge at Roughrider Days Rodeo

Beau Clark of Belgrade, Mont., right, begins wrestling his steer to the ground as his hazer Eldon Day, left, gets Clark's horse out of the way Saturday evening during the second performance of the Roughrider Days Rodeo at the Dickinson State Outdoor Arena. Clark took the lead in the event with a time of 3.3 seconds.1 / 2
Rorey Maier of Timber Lake, S.D., holds on to Knockout for an 88-point ride, which moved him into first place in the event with only tonight's performance remaining.2 / 2

Rorey Maier won his fight Saturday night -- one the bull, aptly named Knockout, didn't want to end.

Knockout, the bull turned and rushed Maier the moment he got to his feet. Instinct, awareness and some gutsy bullfighters helped the Timber Lake, S.D., cowboy escape unharmed and his night proved even more fortunate when the judges announced their scores.

Maier scored an 88-point ride to move into first place at the Roughrider Days Rodeo during the second performance at the Dickinson State Outdoor Arena. The third and final performance is at 6:30 p.m. today.

"It got pretty interesting after the ride," Maier said with a wide smile. "It was a good bull of Korkows, really bucked and made me work for it.

"They call him Knockout, I was wondering if he had some tricks to take me out. But he was a good bull. I sat up and rode him good. Afterwards, he could have stamped on me pretty good, but I got out of there clean. It was pretty wild. The bullfighters did a good job.

Maier said the 88, which stands a good chance of holding on as the rodeo's top score, will be a shot in the arm no matter where he places.

"I'm pretty thankful," said Maier, who has spent much of his year rodeoing along the Texas Circuit. "It comes at a good time, at the beginning of the Fourth here. I love this rodeo. I love North and South Dakota. It's where I grew up, around here. Coming back here is always good. To do good in front of a lot of people I know is always good too."

Beau Clarke was hoping for a good performance in front of what he could consider a friendly crowd. The Belgrade, Mont., said he has several friends in the Dickinson area.

He got his wish and then some, winning the steer wrestling with a time of 3.3 seconds, putting him in first place in the rodeo and keeping him steaming headlong into a spot in his first National Finals Rodeo. Clark ranks third in the latest world standings.

"It's been good all year, riding a good horse and going with good guys," Clark said. "It's all got to come together. You need a good horse, a good hazer and a good steer.

"It doesn't matter if we're practicing or at the rodeo. You just try to score good, get a good start, catch their head good and throw them down and let it take care of itself."

In the team roping, Jess Tierney of Hermosa, S.D., and Jace Crabb of Mangum, Okla. -- a duo ranked 39th in the world standings -- put themselves in position to keep climbing up the charts.

A slow steer, as Crabb put it, helped the partners take the lead in the rodeo with a time of 4.9 seconds.

"We had a steer, he was pretty weak and didn't really want to run all that hard," Crabb said. "Jess did a good job and I heeled him fast."

Tierney, the son of Hall of Fame cowboy Paul Tierney, said finishing in the money at Dickinson would be a good start to the duo's Fourth of July run.

"We're kind of in a spot where we need to have a good summer, a good Fourth, a good July," he said. "When you rodeo the way we do, you've just got to wait until you draw something good and be able to use it when you do."

Cody McCartney of Temperance, Mich., moved into a tie for first place in the tie-down roping with a time of 9.4 seconds. He shares the lead with Deon Dorsey of Isabel, S.D. Cody Owens of Rankin, Texas, and Legend Mills of Searcy, Ark., are tied for second place after runs of 9.5.

DSU graduate Riley Knoll won the performance in the saddle bronc riding with a 77, which keeps the Mandan cowboy in the money for now. But, Troy Crowswer of Whitewood, S.D., leads with an 85 he scored on his second re-ride Friday.

Lee Lantz of Molalla, Ore., won the performance in the bareback riding with a 73. He sits fourth in the rodeo. Mandan's Casey Breuer leads with a 77 from Friday night.

Barrel racing sisters Shambrae and Shaylee Williams of Faith, S.D., finished first and second with times of 15.85 and 15.96 seconds, respectively, in the performance. But, Billings, Mont., cowgirl Theresa Walter's time of 15.59 from Friday's slack remains the top time.

Roughrider Days Rodeo

At Dickinson State Outdoor Arena

Second performance

Bareback riding: 1, Lee Lantz, Molalla, Ore., 73. 2, Mason Johnston, Dayton, Texas, 72. 4, Dan Miller, Raleigh, 71. 4, Matt Crumpler, Winnie, Texas, 70. 5, Taylor Price, Huntsville, Texas, 69. 6, Sam Nordick, Mohall, 68. 7, Troy Vaira, Richey, Mont., 67. 8, Ben Hall, Tumbarumba, Australia, 54.

Tie-down roping: 1, Cody McCartney, Temperance, Mich., 9.4. 2 (tie), Cody Owens, Rankin, Texas, 9.5; Legend Mills, Searcy, Ark., 9.5. 4, Riley Pruitt, Gering, Neb., 11.1. 5, Joe Schmidt, Belfield, 12.3. 6, Jason Schaffer, Broadus, Mont., 18.6. 7, Cole Hatzenbueler, Solen, 18.9.

Saddle bronc riding: 1, Riley Knoll, Mandan, 77. Andrew Counts, Stephenville, Texas, 75. 3, Britt Luger, Fort Yates, 74. 4, Daniel Kraft, McLaughlin, S.D., 68. 5, Sam Leftwich, McLaughlin, S.D., 67. 6, Eric Gewecke, Gillette, Wyo., 55.

Steer wrestling: 1, Beau Clark, Belgrade, Mont., 3.3. 2, Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Neb., 4.0. 3, Scott Kleeman, Killdeer, 4.1. 4, Nick Guy, Sparta, Wis., 4.8. 5, JD Dolezal, Killdeer, 4.9. 6, Jason Reiss, Dickinson, 5.1. 7, Brent Sutton, Onida, S.D., 10.4.

Team roping: 1, Jess Tierney, Hermosa, S.D., and Jace Crabb, Mangum, Okla., 4.9. 2, Nick Sartain, Dover, Okla., and Kollin Von Ahn, Durant, Okla., 5.2. 3 (tie), Shaw Loiseau, Colman, S.D., and Paul Griemsman, Piedmont, S.D., 6.2; Jason Thorstenson, Edgemont, S.D., and Paul Tierney, Oral, S.D., 6.2. 5, Jake Barnes, Scottsdale, Ariz., and Jhett Johnson, Casper, Wyo., 10.2. 6, Ty St. Goddard and Ryle Whitford, Browning, Mont., 10.6. 7, Terry McPherson, Piedmont, S.D., and Ora Taton, Rapid City, S.D., 11.3.

Barrel racing: 1, Shambrae Williams, Faith, S.D., 15.85. 2, Shaylee Williams, Faith, S.D.,15.96. 3, Wendy Bechen, Rapid City, S.D., 16.12. 4, Heidi Schmidt, Belfield, 16.15. 5 (tie), Laura McPherson, Wolf Point, Mont., 16.25; Stephanie Curtis, Wolf Point, Mont., 16.25. 7, Shannon Eck, Kindred, 16.66. 8, Jana Griemsman, Piedmont, S.D., 21.69. 9, Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, S.D., 22.54. 10, Brittany Fleck, Mandan, 26.18.

Bull riding: 1, Rorey Maier, Timber Lake, S.D., 88. 2, Jayden Hansen, Gettysburg, S.D., 81. 3, Bryden Atkins, Wangartta, Australia, 75. 4, Tate Thybo, Belle Fourche, S.D., 73. 5, Jeff Bertus, Avon, S.D., 62.

Overall leaders (Top 6 after two performances)

Bareback riding: 1, Casey Breuer, Mandan, 77. 2, Rollie Wilson, Buffalo, S.D., 75. 3, Zane Forster, Richardton, 74. 4, Lee Lantz, Molalla, Ore., 73. 5, Mason Johnston, Dayton, Texas, 72. 6, J.J. Alley, Tabor, S.D., 71.

Tie-down roping: 1 (tie), Cody McCartney, Temperance, Mich., 9.4; Deon Dorsey, Isabel, S.D., 9.4. 3 (tie), Cody Owens, Rankin, Texas, 9.5; Legend Mills, Searcy, Ark., 9.5. 5, Jon Peek, Pueblo, Colo., 9.7. 6, Trey Young, Dupree, S.D., 10.0.

Saddle bronc riding: 1, Troy Crowser, Whitewood, S.D., 85. 2, Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, 84. 3 (tie), Chuck Schmidt, Keldron, S.D., 77; Riley Knoll, Mandan, 77. 5, Andrew Counts, Stephenville, Texas, 75. 6 (tie), Cole Elshere, Faith, S.D., 74; Britt Luger, Fort Yates, 74.

Steer wrestling: 1, Beau Clark, Belgrade, Mont., 3.3. 2, Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Neb., 4.0. 3 (tie), Dean Gorsuch, Gering, Neb., 4.1; Tyrel Larson, Sturgis, S.D., 4.1; Scott Kleeman, Killdeer, 4.1. 6, J.B. Lord, Rapid City, S.D., 4.3

Team roping: 1, Jess Tierney, Hermosa, S.D., and Jace Crabb, Mangum, Okla., 4.9. 2, Bubba Buckaloo, Kingston, Okla., and Matt Zancanella, Aurora, S.D., 5.0. 3, Nick Sartain, Dover, Okla., and Kollin Von Ahn, Durant, Okla., 5.2. 4 (tie), Brian Dunning, McClave, Colo., and Jesse Jolly, Agate, Colo., 5.6; Jake Nelson, Creighton, S.D., and Jeff Nelson, Philip, S.D., 5.6. 6 (tie), Layne Carson, Grassy Butte, and Tim Franzen, Dickinson, 6.0; J.B. Lord, Rapid City, S.D., and Jesse Frederickson, Menoken, 6.0.

Barrel racing: 1, Theresa Walter, Billings, Mont., 15.59. 2, Jessica Leach, 15.72. 3 (tie), Deena Grieves, Upton, Wyo., 15.85; Shambrae Williams, Faith, S.D., 15.85. 5, Deena Moeykens, Three Forks, Mont., 15.87. 6, Shaylee Williams, Faith, S.D.,15.96.

Bull riding: 1, Rorey Maier, Timber Lake, S.D., 88. 2 (tie), Jayden Hansen, Gettysburg, S.D., 81; Shawn Coleman, Springfield, S.D., 81. 4, Bryden Atkins, Wangartta, Australia, 75. 5, Allen Auer, Whitewood, S.D., 74. 6, Tate Thybo, Belle Fourche, S.D., 73.

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