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Frank donates six treadmills to DSU

Courtesy Photo by Alex Jaich / Dickinson State Dickinson State students Stormie Sickler, left, and Dustin Sandbak, back middle, stand with Ben C. Frank, middle front, and Dickinson State cross country head coach Michael Nekuda, right. Frank donated six treadmills to DSU.

Ben C. Frank, a booster of Dickinson State University and its athletic programs, has donated six new True PS900 treadmills to DSU's fitness center in the campus student center.

Frank collaborated with Michael Nekuda, the Blue Hawks' cross country head coach, and DSU athletic director Tim Daniel to fund the project.

"We considered safety and comfort," Frank said in a press release. "The weather in North Dakota is very cold, and having the kids run here pleases me and I am happy to provide these treadmills."

In 2000, Frank also helped fund the Ben C. Frank Performance Center on the DSU campus. The 5,000-square-foot facility has served DSU and area student-athletes in their development.

The treadmills are open to all students, staff and faculty of the university.

"This is going to benefit the students, not just cross country, track and field or any other sports team," said Stormie Sickler, a sophomore who competes in cross country and track and field for DSU, said in a press release. "Now we have more of these great treadmills students can use this facility more."