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Other views: NDSU's win gets, deserves national notice

Here's the Grand Forks Herald editorial board's philosophy about Bison sports:

North Dakota is well-served by having two powerhouse research institutions in the front rank of American universities. So, where sports are concerned, we're always in favor of North Dakota State University winning.

Except when they play the University of North Dakota.

And on Friday, that condition was met in spectacular fashion as the Bison faced Kansas State University, a powerhouse Division I upper-tier foe.

The Bison's upset win that followed was the talk of the sports world -- and the attention was well-deserved.

For in Manhattan, Kan., it was as if a team of real-life, four-legged bison had taken the field. NDSU's success in bulling out a last-minute win after pawing the dirt and tramping back from a deficit showed a stubbornness and indomitability that did Badlands justice to the team's nickname.

Bob Lutz of The Wichita Eagle agrees:

"Talk about crashing a party," Lutz wrote in his column after the game.

"North Dakota State, a football team the big boys of college football should avoid like the plague, helped christen a $90 million renovation to Snyder Family Stadium -- including a statue of famed Kansas State coach Bill Snyder himself -- by taking a sledgehammer to the place.

"The Bison, two-time defending Championship Subdivision champions, not only beat K-State 24-21 on Friday night, but rallied from a 21-7 deficit.

"North Dakota State's game-winning drive covered 80 yards and lasted 18 plays over 8 1/2 minutes. It was an impressive march by the Bison and one K-Staters suffered through as it became more and more obvious that North Dakota State wasn't satisfied to leave town with a close call.

"The difference was simple: North Dakota State ran the football down K-State's throat all night while the Wildcats couldn't clear their throats when it came to a running game. The Bison out-gained K-State 215 yards to 41 on the ground. ...

"Those FCS initials don't do justice to North Dakota State. They signify a lower level of football, but the Bison could hold their own in just about any Bowl Subdivision conference."

That's high praise, but the NDSU football team has earned it.

So, hearty congratulations to the players, the coach and the university. The performance made North Dakotans proud -- including a big number of those in this understandably partisan corner of the state.

The Grand Forks Herald's Editorial Board formed this opinion.