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Caleb Dunlop named DSU Sports Marketing and Information Director

Dickinson State announced the hiring of a new sports information director Monday afternoon. Athletic Director Tim Daniel officially announced Caleb Dunlop as the new Sports Information and Marketing Director for the athletic department.

"We are very excited to have Caleb join the Dickinson State athletic staff," Daniel stated in a release. "The talent and experience that he brings will be a huge asset to our whole department. Caleb brings a new perspective in sports information to DSU."

Dunlop, originally from Maine, grew up in South Carolina and graduated from Coker College in May. He majored in communications with an interest in sports broadcasting and was his college's SID intern for four years.

Dunlop started his freshman year by compiling game statistics and press releases. By his senior year, he had done play-by-play commentary for more than 200 Coker athletic events, and directed and oversaw the implementation of webcasting games.

Although Monday was Dunlop's first day at DSU, he is already busy at work trying to get the DSU athletic department back into a rhythm. Cross country coach Mike Nekuda and men's basketball coach Ty Orton had been collaborating to fill the SMID position this year.

"It's been really tough on Nekuda and Ty to try and fill in at the SID role and also try to be coaches at the same time, so my first objective is to get in and get us back on par, get everything flowing again," Dunlop said. "Once that happens, (the next step is) just to see where I can start to grow the brand of DSU, whether it be a heavier implementation of social media, whether it be tweaking the website. Just finding ways to grow with the Dickinson State brand."

Dunlop, being a product of the social media age, said one of his big focuses will be on the acclimation of social media into the athletic department and to get the entire DSU community involved with athletics outside of simply attending games.

"Anybody in college today pretty much grew up on laptops, grew up on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram," he said. "It's one of those things that's a really easy opportunity for an institution to take advantage of and that's something I really hope to be able to do, push social media and to be able to get it more involved on campus with the students and from the Dickinson community."