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MacDonald: 'Bring peace and joy to NYC, Boston'

Photo by Andrew Weber / USA TODAY New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning watches on the sidelines during Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. The Giants beat the Lions 23-20 in overtime.1 / 2
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There was plenty of stuff I wanted for Christmas this year. Clothes, a pet hedgehog and gift cards galore to name a few. Those are the easy wishes my parents could grant.

However there are some things I’m still wanting for Christmas which can’t be bought.

As a sports reporter, I’m constantly immersed in the sports world and like most fans, hope and pray every season for our team to achieve our wish.

So Santa, if you can hear me, there is still time for you to make my Christmas sports miracles come true.

Eli Manning will not throw more than 30 interceptions this season

Since I moved to North Dakota, I have been heckled and poked at for being a New York sports fan, which is pretty easy after the pitiful excuse of seasons the Yankees had and what the Giants are currently going through.

I have sat quietly at my desk and tried blocking out the snide remarks from news reporter, and unrealistically loyal Vikings fan, Bryan Horwath. Though his team is no better off, none of the Vikings’ quarterbacks are on the verge of becoming the first quarterback in 25 years to throw 30 or more interceptions.

Eli has thrown an embarrassing 26 INTs, but still has one more game to make the stat even worse. He is four away from joining the prestigious club and nine away from tying Vinny Testaverde’s 35 interceptions in 1988. It would be the icing on the top of the cake for one of the Giant’s worst seasons in franchise history.

This year has been a recipe for disaster for the Giants. So for the sake of the remaining season, for New York, New Jersey and especially my sanity, Eli cannot surpass 29. It’s the least that can happen since neither hometown teams will be making it to the Super Bowl in its own stadium.

Mega contracts, mega egos will not be in vain for the Yankees It was a season to forget for the Yankees. The roster consisted of JV-level talent due to a slew of injuries to starters, the Alex Rodriguez conundrum overshadowed what happened on the field and missed the playoffs for the second time since 2011. In hopes of a better 2014 season, the front office spent $237 million on a number of players to try and create a championship-caliber team.

OK, I like the sound of that. So who’d they get?

To start off, they failed to sign Robinson Cano and fans back home still aren’t pleased with the front office letting him walk. They signed former Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, a constantly injured player, to a seven-year, $153 million deal, catcher Brian McCann, who hasn’t had a decent batting average since 2008, to a five-year, $85 million deal and recently signed an aging Carlos Beltran to a three-year, $45 million contract.

The Yankees are notorious for signing old players and shelling out too much money for contract most players don’t deserve. Remember last year when they signed Kevin Youkilis to a one-year, $12 million deal? He only appeared in 28 games until he got injured and missed the whole season. Even Ichiro’s two-year $12 million deal is turning into a bust.

Bottom line, for the money the Yankees have spent on players who are honestly not worth half these deals, they better make the playoffs. Not get swept in the first round, they need to actually make an effort to move forward to show the $28 million luxury tax the team got hit with earlier this month was worth it.

World peace … between New York and Boston fans A common Christmas wish from the good-hearted people of this earth is world peace. That would be nice. However in the sports realm, there is a more local battle between two cities I would love to see peace: Boston and New York.

The Boston-New York War has been going on for decades, with no treaty signing in sight. It is a battle fought on several fronts, with the baseball diamond being the most active. Yankees and Red Sox fans have never seen eye-to-eye, though a number of players have worn both uniforms — babe Ruth, Johnny Damon, Roger Clemens and now Ellsbury.

On the ice rink, the Bruins and Rangers have been Original Six foes since the 1920s and the Patriots will always resent the Giants for their two Super Bowl downfalls. But what is the cause of this war? What fuels the hatred on and off the field?

This may be a simple answer but it confuses me because I am torn. Yes, I am half a New York fan and half a Boston fan. Blasphemous, impetuous or whatever you call it it’s true. I like the Giants and Yankees and Bruins and Celtics. But maybe with my allegiance not wholeheartedly to one city, I would be the proper candidate to be an ambassador and potentially end this war. It’s only a city, right?

Both cities have historic franchises and heroic tales of victory like “the goal” in 1970 from Bobby Orr, or Aaron Boone’s 2003 ALCS walk-off home run. As ambassador, I will fight for the indifference between Boston and New York sports and put this war to end once and for all.

A winning football season for Dickinson State New year, new coach, new conference. This is the opportune time for DSU’s football team to return to greatness. I came to cover DSU at a low point in its history, after the team went 1-11 in its final year of the Frontier Conference. I’ve heard stories of what the Blue Hawks used to be and I would give anything to watch one of those teams and report on lots of wins.

With Pete Stanton taking the reins after former head coach Hank Biesiot stepped down after 38 seasons. DSU is entering the North Star Athletic Association next season, this is a good chance for me to see what the team once was. Both Stanton and Biesiot have had nothing but wonderful things to say about their team’s work ethic and pride which are the foundations of a great team.

With the hard work they put in week after week, I would like to see them turn their luck around and finish at least 7-5.

Towson to knock off North Dakota State in FCS championship game As an East Coaster, I was pleased to see the Towson University (Md.) make it to the FCS championship game. What pleased me more is they’re a member of the Colonial Athletic Association which my alma mater, James Madison University, is also a part of.

For Christmas I would love nothing more than a CAA team to take home the title and take down the Goliath NDSU. I’ll probably get a lot of hate for wishing this, but it’s time for a change. NDSU has brought a lot of attention to what FCS programs are capable of accomplishing and I applaud them for it. But I want an East Coast team to take the crown and bring back respectability to the CAA.

Is that too much to ask?

MacDonald is the sports reporter of The Dickinson Press, which is owned by Forum News Service. Email her at or tweet her @MegtotheMac

Meaghan MacDonald

Meaghan is the sports page designer and copy editor for the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead.  After graduating from James Madison University (Va.) in May 2013, she moved from New Jersey to North Dakota to start pursuing her career in sports journalism and was a sports reporter for the Dickinson Press and covered Dickinson State athletics. Meaghan has been working for the Forum since June 2015.