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Back in the saddle: Dickinson High Memorial Day Rodeo showcases talent from around the area

Press Photo by Meaghan MacDonald Saddle bronc rider Boyd Stroh of Dickinson tries to hang on and make an 8-second ride on Monday during the Dickinson High Memorial Day Rodeo at Dickinson State Outdoor Arena. Stroh won the saddle bronc riding with a score of 67 and was just one of two riders to receive a score.

There’s no secret bull riding is a dangerous sport.

Last summer at the National High School Finals Rodeo, Keenan Kvamme of Carrington broke his femur. It caused him to miss a significant amount of riding time and cost him some confidence.

But just four weeks later, Kvamme was riding horses and, after rehab, the rising sophomore is No. 1 in the North Dakota High School Rodeo Association boys all-around standings.

Kvamme won the bull riding Monday at the Dickinson High Memorial Day Rodeo at Dickinson State Outdoor Arena.

“It took a long time to get back this far, especially just getting back on them again,” Kvamme said. “I started riding in the spring again and my first bull was in March, and it’s been a long time.”

Riding his fifth bull since the accident, Kvamme was the only rider to stay aboard Monday, scoring a 70. Kvamme said it has been a long time coming to get this score and finally getting the ride out of the way was a big confidence booster.

“Haven’t been able to finish a bull in a while (so) felt good to finally ride one today,” Kvamme said.

With a slew of local Dickinson riders competing in their own backyard, just one came out victorious in their respected event. Boyd Stroh won the saddle bronc event with a score of 67 on the day.

He was just one of two riders to pick up a score as Kvamme took second with 42 points.

“I had a lot of friends and family come up today,” Stroh said. “It was pretty good to see (them) all here.”

Last year Stroh went to nationals and finished in 11th place. He has responded with another strong season.

However, coming into the spring season, Stroh put himself into a small dilemma and had to learn to prioritize. After amassing a 40-point lead over his competitors in the fall, Stroh began to see his reign slip away because he was on the road more — often attending proms.

“I kind of had to quit dinking around and decided rodeo is a top priority,” Stroh said with a laugh. “When you put all the practice and vacation into rodeo it turns out for you.”

Stroh is a newcomer to saddle bronc and has been competing a little under a year, but is no stranger to the sport. His father is Shaun Stroh, a National Finals Rodeo champion and five-time NFR qualifier.

Since the season has started, Boyd’s goal has been to win nationals. With riding in his blood, he also strives to have the rodeo life of his father.

“Falling in dad’s footsteps is a big thing,” Boyd said about what he loves most about rodeo. “Just doing what he does, and traveling and seeing the world just driving around.”

In barrel racing, Minot’s Cyndey Peterson admitted she and her horse, Doc, had been struggling a little in the event, but ran an impressive time of 14.867 seconds to take first place.

“We have been having troubles with our barrels so that was a really good run,” she said.

After a misty start to the morning, the wet grounds could have caused some problems for some riders. However, Peterson wasn’t too concerned with the conditions, knowing Doc could handle himself around the course.

Peterson’s time was also the only one under 15 seconds. Defending state champion Lexus Kelsch of McLaughlin, S.D., came runner-up at 15.225 seconds.

“The ground’s a little slippery, but he doesn’t usually have a problem with wet grounds,” Peterson said. “I knew I just had to go out there and push him because he takes care of himself out there.”

In other girls events, Josie Vandenberg of Flasher took first in the breakaway roping (2.85 seconds), Rachel Hulm from Bismarck took home the pole bending victory (22.345 seconds) and Jamestown’s Calby Hanson won goat tying (7.88 seconds).

For the boys, Mandan’s Logan Berg won bareback riding with a 67-point ride and Jordan Staton of Hickson took the tie-down roping event in 12.02 seconds. The team roping duo of Killdeer’s Ty Truchan and Bismarck’s Tommy Hall snapped up 10 points and the win in a time of 9.77 seconds. Minot’s Seth Peterson picked up a winning time of 4.40 seconds in the steer wrestling.

There are just two rodeos left in the regular season, starting with the Bismarck High School Rodeo on Friday and New Salem High School Rodeo on Saturday.

The NDHSRA State Finals are June 12-15 at the Dakota Winds Arena in Bowman.

Dickinson High Memorial Day Rodeo

At Roughrider Arena

Bareback riding: 1, Logan Berg, Mandan, 72. 2 (tie) Martin Werner, Elgin, 67; Clay Jorgenson, Watford City. 4, Weston Hartman, Mandan, 50.Barrel racing: 1, Cydney Peterson, Minot, 14.867. 2, Lexus Kelsch, McLaughlin, S.D., 15.225. 3, Lacey Grann, Sheyenne, 15.479. 4, Kassie Kautzman, Walcott, 15.487. 5, Savannah Fettig, Braddock, 15.580. 6, Keaton Ell, Williston, 15.649. 7, Shelby Hennessy, De Lacs, 15.661. 8, Chantel Fettig, Kintyre, 15.741. 9, Nicole Fladeland, Minot, 15.744. 10, Cassidy Diede, Richardton, 15.830.Boys cow cutting: 1, results not available.Breakaway roping: 1, Josie Vandenberg, Flasher, 2.85. 2, Kyle Kvamme, Carrington, 3.46. 3, Brooklyn Vollmer, Wing, 3.47. 4, McKenzie Wiest, Bismarck, 3.56. 5, Arianna Alvarez, Kindred, 3.86. 6, Molly Thompson, Kindred, 4.07. 7, Chyanne Clark, Carrington, 4.38. 8, Cortney Kahl, Mandan, 5.24. 9, Hannah Hornberger, Blaisdell, 5.35. 10, Lakken Bice, Killdeer, 5.40.Bull riding: 1, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 70.Girls cow cutting: 1, results not available.Goat tying: 1, Calby Hanson, Jamestown, 7.88. 2, Brooklyn Vollmer, Wing, 8.00. 3, Brittany Cudworth, Warwick, 8.03. 4, Jada Maher, Selfridge, 8.13. 5, Cara Jo Hilzendeger, Baldwin, 8.30. 6, Chantel Fettig, Kintyre, 8.34. 7, McKenzie Wiest, Bismarck, 8.40. 8, Lacey Grann, Sheyenne, 8.52. 9, Savannah Meyer, Stanley, 8.55. 10, Ashley Brew, Manning, 8.56.Pole bending: 1, Rachel Hulm, Bismarck, 22.345 (remainder of results not available).Saddle bronc: 1, Boyd Stroh, Dickinson, 67. 2, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 42.Steer wrestling: 1, Seth Peterson, Minot, 4.40. 2, Seth Indergard, Sydney, Mont., 5.10. 3, Lane Berg, Chaffee, 8.93. 4, Jess Asheim, Mohall, 11.83. 5, Colton Backhaus, Bismarck, 13.11. 6, Wade Berg, Chaffee, 19.35. 7, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 19.77.Team roping: 1, Ty Truchan, Killdeer, and, Tommy Hall, Bismarck, 9.77. 2, Jordan Staton, Hickson, Trey Huber, Mandan, 10.21. 3, Cole Peterson, Des Lacs, and, Rory Irwin, Alexander, 10:37. 4, Cortney Kahl, Mandan, and, Calby Hanson, Jamestown, 10.42. 5, Tate Benson, Scobey, Mont., and, Layton Bohlman, Richardton, 11.95. 6, Bridger Anderson, Carrington, and, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 14.51. 7, Jada Maher, Selfridge, and, Jade Boote, Binford, 16.47. 8, Lakken Bice, Killdeer, and, Codi Schaper, Grassy Butte, 17.80. Tie-down roping: 1, Jordan Staton, Hickson, 12.02. 2, Tate Benson, Scobey, Mont., 13.08. 3, Jess Asheim, Mohall, 13.19. 4, Bridger Anderson, Carrington, 14.71. 5, Layton Bohlman, Richardton, 15.24. 6, Brendan Butterfield, Richardton, 15.54. 7, Logan Sailer, Hazen, 15.88. 8, Culley Morgan, Billings, Mont., 16.33. 9, Tel Lardy, Bowman, 17.35. 10, Colton Backhaus, Bismarck, 17.52.Boys all-around: 1, results not available.Girls all-around: 1, results not available.

Meaghan MacDonald

Meaghan is the sports page designer and copy editor for the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead.  After graduating from James Madison University (Va.) in May 2013, she moved from New Jersey to North Dakota to start pursuing her career in sports journalism and was a sports reporter for the Dickinson Press and covered Dickinson State athletics. Meaghan has been working for the Forum since June 2015.