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Young closes out week on high note

Press Photo by Royal McGregor John Young of Orient, Iowa rides his bull on Sunday at the last night of the Roughrider Days Rodeo at the DSU Outdoor Arena. Young finished with a score of 70 points and finished in sixth place.

John Young has been quite busy.

The bull rider from Orient, Iowa, arrived in Dickinson for his fifth rodeo in seven days.

Young hasn’t had too many letdowns during the last week either as he rode five of his six bulls.

Though he didn’t finish in the top spot, Young posted a 70 — good enough for sixth place and $289 as Kevin Hunter won the event with a 75 — during the final day of the Roughrider Days Rodeo on Sunday at DSU Outdoor Arena.

“The bull didn’t turn back or nothing, it was just up and down really high,” Young said. “You wish you would have a little bit more bull under you, but I’ll place in a rodeo and win a good day-money check. Can’t complain about that.”

In his previous four rodeos, Young’s highest place was a tie for third during the Edgewood (Iowa) Days Rodeo in Edgewood.

Life on the road isn’t even close to being over as the stretch of season known as Cowboy Christmas is just getting started. Young plans to hit as many rodeos as he can during the next month hoping to jump in the PRCA standings and put himself in a better position to make the National Finals Rodeo. He is ranked No. 42 in the world standings and needs to reach the top 15 to qualify for the NFR.

“I’ve been riding good and this is a great time to be riding good, because the most money added is in this month until the end of July,” he said. “A guy can make up a lot of ground for the NFR. Let’s just hope the ball keeps rolling.”

No competitors in the third and final performance of the rodeo claimed overall victory. All the winners either competed on Friday or Saturday.

Tanner Aus won bareback riding with a 78. Carmel Wright won barrel racing in 16.76 seconds. Josh Reynolds, who won the 2013 Champions Ride Saddle Bronc Match at Home on the Range in Sentinel Butte, topped the saddle bronc riding with a 79. Biff Swan’s 4.1-second time won steer wrestling. The North Dakota duo of Preston Billadeau and Jesse Fredrickson placed first in team roping at 5.8 seconds. Justin Scofield won the tie-down roping with a time of 9.3 seconds.

However, there were plenty of cowboys and cowgirls who jumped into the money on the final day.

They included Ryan Elshere of Elm Springs, S.D., who had a fourth-place finish in saddle bronc with a 75 after a re-ride.

“That horse was a pretty good little horse,” Elshere said. “I didn’t know anything about him, but he started nice and stayed good all the way across. That’s what a guy wants.”

Though Elshere’s first bronc didn’t perform — which led him to being awarded a re-ride — he said the mindset doesn’t change from one ride to another.

“We take the re-ride, because we get another chance to win and we weren’t winning on the first one,” Elshere said. “A guy wants to take that to win some money. You just go at it like it’s the first one that you get.”

The team roping duo of Tucker McDaniel of Midland, S.D., and Elliott Gourneau of Kennebec, S.D., placed fifth in 6.9 seconds. Dickinson’s Jason Reiss placed in a tie for sixth in steer wrestling at 5 seconds. Reese Riemer of Stinnett, Texas, placed in a tie for fourth in tie-down roping (9.8), while Jeffery ZdZiarski of Sheridan, Wyo., placed sixth in bareback riding (73).

Roughrider Days Rodeo


Bareback riding: 1, Tanner Aus, 78. 2, tie, Ethan Assmann, 75; Joe Gunderson, 75. 4, tie, John Addison, 74; Mac Erickson, 74. 6, Jeffery ZdZiarski, 73.

Barrel racing: 1, Carmel Wright, 16.76. 2, Lindsay Kruse, 16.90. 3, Tracy Bridwell, 17.25. 4, Victoria Netzer, 17.26. 5, Jessica Leach, 17.27. 6, Kailee Webb, 17.33. 7, tie, Becky Fuson, 17.40; Heather Knerr, 17.40; Ashley Day, 17.40. 10, tie, Shelly Christensen, 17.45; Cassidy Kruse, 17.45. 12, tie, Jessica Routier, 17.49; Wanda Brown, 17.49.

Bull riding: 1, Kevin Hunter, 75. 2, Joe Bertus, 74. 3, tie, Riley Blankenship, 73; Rorey Maier, 73. 5, Kacey Senger, 72. 6, John Young, 70, $289.

Saddle bronc: 1, Josh Reynolds, 79. 2, Bryce Miller, 78. 3, Kirk Thompson, 76. 4, Ryan Elshere, 75. 5, Jeremy Meeks, 74. 6, tie, Preston Kafka, 72; K.C. Longbrake, 72; Colton Miller, 72.

Steer wrestling: 1, Biff Swan, 4.1. 2, tie, Tyler Haugen 4.4; Colt Floyd, 4.4. 4, Jake Kraupie, 4.5. 5, Del Kraupie, 4.6. 6, tie, Jason Reiss, 5.0; Chason Floyd, 5.0; Tait Kvistad, 5.0.

Team roping: 1, Preston Billadeau/Jesse Fredrickson, 5.8. 2, tie, Tyrell Moody/Rory Brown, 6.0; Eli Lord/Jess Morgan, 6.0. 4, Tucker Dale/Sloan Hendley, 6.8. 5, Tucker McDaniel/Elliott Gourneau, 6.9. 6, Devin McGrath/Seth Weishaar, 7.1. 7, Scott White/Justin Johnson, 10.5. 8, Lee Hagler/Ryan Zurcher, 10.6.

Tie-down roping: 1, Justin Scofield, 9.3. 2, Trell Etbauer, 9.4. 3, Jon Peek, 9.6. 4, tie, Reese Riemer 9.8; Trey Young, 9.8. 6, Jess Woodward, 9.9.