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Schnepf: Wolvies should avoid anyone named ‘Kevin’

FARGO — At the risk of offending my very own name, perhaps the Minnesota Timberwolves professional basketball franchise (and I use that description loosely) should avoid anyone who has the first name “Kevin.”

It was back in 2007 when the Wolvies, as I call them, traded their best player ever — Kevin Garnett — and basically got nothing in return. It was general manager Kevin McHale who looked like a genius when he drafted Garnett out of high school but looked like an idiot when he traded him to Boston.

Now we have Kevin Love, perhaps the Wolvies’ second all-time best player. And like Garnett, it appears he is going to be traded and, once again, it’s quite possible the players the Wolvies get in return could be busts.

Three Kevins. Three disappointments that have Minnesota fans once again thinking they will never get to experience a championship like they have with the Twins or at least some playoff success like with the Vikings and Wild.

As everyone has expected, it was reported Thursday by Yahoo Sports that Love will indeed join LeBron James in Cleveland. And what will the Wolvies get in return?

Two recent No. 1 overall draft picks from Canada who are recent high school graduates and a first-round pick for the 2015 draft.

There is Andrew Wiggins, who quit college after one year at Kansas and became Cleveland’s top draft pick earlier this summer. The potential is enormous, with some comparing him to another Tracy McGrady.

There is Anthony Bennett, who was a curious first-round pick in 2013 after his freshman year at Nevada-Las Vegas. He averaged 13 minutes, 4 points and 3 rebounds last season for the Cavs.

At least the Wolvies are getting something for Love — who if he had played one more meaningless season in Minnesota could have left as a free agent and left the Wolvies empty-handed.

But based on what the Wolvies got the last time they traded a Kevin, I am not planning on celebrating an NBA championship anytime soon.

Take a look at what the Wolvies got for Garnett:

Al Jefferson, who did little in his three years in Minnesota other than tear his ACL. Now at age 29, Jefferson is thriving with the Charlotte Hornets.

Gerald Green, a small forward who saw little playing time in his one season in Minnesota. Now he is a sparkplug off the bench for the Phoenix Suns.

Sebastian Telfair, who lasted two seasons as a point guard for some awful teams.

Ryan Gomes, who managed to average 14 points in his three seasons at Minnesota.

Theo Ratliff, who suited up for 10 games before Minnesota waived him.

And two first-round draft picks who ended up being point guard Jonny Flynn (picked instead of Stephen Curry) and future reserve Wayne Ellington.

The Wolvies went from reaching the Western Conference finals in 2004 to not even making the playoffs for the last decade. Kevin Garnett went on to win an NBA championship his first year in Boston. And the chances of Kevin Love winning a title in his first year with Cleveland are pretty good, being paired with King James.

The Wolvies could do just as well signing Kevin James, the rotund, comedic actor from the TV series “King of Queens.”

Or perhaps sign comedian Kevin Hart, whose album “Laugh at My Pain” describes Wolvie fans to a tee. There’s actor Kevin Bacon, who somehow has to be connected to a franchise-saving player.

How about actor Kevin Costner providing Wolvie fans with a “Field of Dreams.” Or actor Kevin Kline of “The Wild, Wild West” — where the Wolvies sit in mediocrity.

Perhaps actor Kevin Sorbo could provide some kind of “Herculean” turnaround. Plus he’s from Minnesota. Dancer/rapper Kevin Federline could perhaps lure former wife Britney Spears to sit courtside at Target Center.

Maybe businessman Kevin O’Leary could work out a deal with fellow “Shark Tank” entrepreneur Mark Cuban — the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. And if you believe in miracles, maybe the Wolvies could talk Kevin Durant into coming to Minnesota.

That’s about as likely as this Kevin, yours truly, making the Wolvies roster.

Schnepf is the sports editor for The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, which is owned by Forum News Service.

Kevin Schnepf
Kevin Schnepf is the sports editor for The Forum. He has been working at The Forum since 1986.
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