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Dickinson State golf struggles in hot temperatures

MANDAN -- It was the perfect weather to start the Bismarck State College Invitational -- cloudy and cool.

The Dickinson State men's and women's golf teams started out striking the ball well, but when the sun came out and it became hotter, the Blue Hawk's game on the greens suffered.

The DSU men finished with a 359 overall score while freshman Mary Hlebechuk shot a 93 and placed fifth for the women on Tuesday at Prairie West Golf Course.

"When it got a little hotter the greens got a little tougher it was hard to keep the ball on the green. I think that's where it kind of got away from us a little bit," head coach Thadd O'Donnell said. "On the green, the guys were striking the ball well, same way with the ladies. I think they felt good about hitting the ball, but we weren't scoring real well."

This was the first match of the season for the Blue Hawks. Despite an unfavorable finish for both teams, O'Donnell believed that nerves played a large factor into their performances. However, it was a good first course for the team to practice on.

"I think after your first meet, you get those jitters out and you kind of figure out where you're at," O'Donnell said. "Obviously, the putting green and gaining confidence in striking with your wedges around the green so 100 yards and in is definitely a place we want to work on. It's all about striking with confidence."

Valley City State finished first for the men, shooting a combined 307 while on the women's side the University of Jamestown placed first (363) and second (413).

DSU's next tournament is at the Jamestown Country Club on Sept. 14, a tougher and tighter course than Prairie West. O'Donnell said that the course is intimidating and the biggest thing the team will work on this week is preparing and strengthening their confidence as a team.

"I tell them preparation is confidence," O'Donnell said. "The more prepared they are the more confident they're going to be and be able to overcome those bad shots and not try to make it all up in one shot."

Bismarck State College Invitational

At Prairie West Golf Course, Mandan


Team scores: Valley City State (1) 307, Bismarck State 313, United Tribes 328, VCSU (2) 334, Dickinson State 359, Lake Region State 396, Presentation 408.

Individual top 5: 1, Shane Ost, VCSU, 72. 2, Ben Sorenson, VCSU, 73. 3, Jordan Beyer, BSC, 74. 4, Laramie Keplin, UTTC, 76. 5, Jaeden Jenson, BSC 77.

Other Dickinson finishers: Matthew Altner 85, Austin Harper 87, Jeremy Beehler 88, Shane Zentner 92, Nathan Easton 99.


Team scores: University of Jamestown (1) 363, Jamestown (2) 413, Presentation 486.

Individual top 5: 1, Ashley Barnhart, UJ, 81. 2, Emily Larson, UJ, 86. 3, (tie) Alexandrea Leidholm, BSC, and Haley Christofferson, VCSU, 89. 5, Mary Hebechuk, DSU, 93.

Other Dickinson finishers: Alyssa Hilebrandt 101, Danielle O'Donnell 105.