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NDHSAA approves seeding process for Class B tourneys

VALLEY CITY -- One day after the North Dakota High School Activities Association Board of Directors approved seeding for four of its Class B tournaments, a process for how that seeding will be determined was officially adopted.

The NDHSAA staff brought forth a seeding process for the volleyball, boys and girls basketball and baseball tournaments to the board on Wednesday. The board opted to accept it without putting the seeding process to a vote given that the board had already approved seeding the tournaments with a 5-4 vote on Tuesday.

Seeding for all four tournaments is uniform and will begin during the 2013-14 season.

Each tournament's pairings will feature four teams seeded 1-4. Their opponents will be determined by random draw of the remaining four teams that did not receive seeds.

The process for determining the seeding requires coaches from the eight qualifying teams to electronically rank the other seven teams in the field 1-7, with a ranking of 1 for his or hers highest ranked team and a ranking of 7 for the final or lowest ranked team.

When the rankings from all eight coaches have been received, the results will be tabulated. The highest and lowest rank for each team will be discarded, leaving five ranks for each team, which will determine the top four seeds.

"There are no guarantees that you are ever going to get the perfect matchup in a tournament scenario," board member and Jamestown High School activities director Jim Roaldson said. "Hopefully what this will do is give us a better opportunity to make sure the bigger or marquee matchups occur later in the tournament."

Once the top four seeds are determined, an NDHSAA-approved designee will randomly draw the remaining four opponents for those teams.

The opening day pairings matchups for all four tournaments will be as follows:

V Game 1: No. 2-seeded team vs. the second randomly drawn team.

V Game 2: No. 3-seeded team vs. the third randomly drawn team.

V Game 3: No. 1-seeded team vs. the first randomly drawn team.

V Game 4: No. 4-seeded team vs. the fourth randomly drawn team.

Prior to the seeding process, the tournament's pairings had been predetermined based off of annual rotations of the state's eight Class B regions for volleyball, basketball and baseball.

NDHSAA outgoing board president Scott Ulland, who is the principal and activities director at May-Port-CG High School, voted against the seeding recommendation on Tuesday.

"I'm a bit of a traditionalist," Ulland said. "I coached a number of years before I became a principal. I liked the idea that there could be the possible matchup of the top two teams the first day of the tournament. That brings so much life to the opening day of the Class B tournaments.

"I understand that other states have gone with seeding and they have had a lot of success with it, so I'm not completely against it. I didn't really want to do away with tradition."

NDHSAA board notes

Board member and Fargo Public Schools activities director Todd Olson was voted in as the new board president. ... Board member and Kindred School District Superintendent Steve Hall was elected to be the board's new vice president. ... The board approved to move the 2014 West Region boys hockey tournament from Bismarck to Minot on February 13-15 due to Bismarck hosting the state wrestling tournament the same weekend.