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Strandemo leads Class A charge in win over Class B

BISMARCK -- Madeline Strandemo was a bright spot for Fargo South throughout her senior season.

On Wednesday, she was shining as bright as ever at the Bismarck Civic Center.

Strandemo scored 16 points to lead Class A in a 62-57 win over Class B during the Lions All-Star series finale.

"I think it went great," Strandemo said. "It was really special. I'm not playing basketball in college, so this was really the end."

However, Class B didn't go down without a fight. Despite Class A putting up several big leads -- including a double-digit lead halfway through the second half -- Class B rallied around Grafton's Cassie Thompson to bring them closer.

"We needed to slow our offense down and make more passes as a team," said Thompson, who scored 20 points. "It was good."

After getting within five points in the final minutes, Class B appeared to be able to mount a comeback.

Strandemo said her team needed to make sure to connect on free-throws and limit turnovers to finish the game, which they were able to do.

"I was just thinking we've got to take care of the ball," she said. "I just thought we needed to take easier shots."

The stat lines were similar for both teams. However, the glaring hole for Class B was field goal percentage.

In the first half, Class A made just one more shot than Class B did, but Class B took eight more shots.

"We just stayed persistent with things and we were able to maintain that lead," Class A head coach Ron Metz said. "I was very happy with our ability to do that for the time we did."

Metz and Strandmo said the team was able to develop early chemistry, which proved to be vital in order them to pull off the All-Star series sweep.

"It's an opportunity and a privilege to be able to do this and to work with these girls," Metz said. "The way they came together, I'm very proud of them."

Metz said he was pleased with how he ended his season. After winning a state title for Bismarck Century, Metz capped his season with a pair of wins during the All-Star Lions series.

"It's just a great finale to the end of the summer and a good basketball year," he said. "Now, we'll get ready for the next one."