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Mattson wins first ever state Class B title for Cougars

CARRINGTON — Entering the final day of the North Dakota Class B state girls golf meet, Heart River junior Jada Mattson was tied for first with an opening round of 76.

Mattson nearly recreated the same round as she posted a 77 during the second day to become the first Heart River golfer to win a state championship on Wednesday at Crossroads Golf Course.

“I was definitely nervous,” Mattson said about going into the final round. “I knew that I had to stay calm and keep my cool like it was any other day.

“I went over to my coaches and teammates, and they all knew and we had a group hug. We were just so excited.”

Heart River head coach Kirby Robb kept Wednesday morning’s speech pretty smile.

“This morning I told, ‘You are tied for first place and just play your game,’” he said. “It worked pretty good.”

Robb couldn’t be happier for Mattson.

“I’m very proud of her,” he said. “She played a great two-day tournament from wire to wire.”

At the turn, going into Hole No. 10, Mattson held a five-stroke lead. She maintained the advantage throughout the next nine holes.

The Heart River junior felt she started gaining confidence after being medalist during the Region 5 Tournament.

“It boosted my confidence for state,” Mattson said. “I just wanted to play as well as I did in Bowman.”

Though Mattson bested runner-up Brynn Fischer of Langdon by seven strokes, the Heart River junior wasn’t just excited for herself, but for the rest of the team.

The Cougars shot a season-best 368 on the opening round. They followed with a round of 392 to finish in eighth place. Heart River doesn’t have a senior on its roster. It has a one junior, two sophomores, two freshmen and two eighth-graders.

“The team did really well,” Mattson said. “I just couldn’t do it without their support. Kirby is the best coach out there.”

Robb, who didn’t have enough golfers three years ago for a full varsity roster, said there’s now competition for varsity spots.

Heart River had 13 golfers competing for six varsity spots.

“Ten of the girls are freshmen or younger,” Robb said. “The program is finally taking off with good numbers. The only thing is there are only six spots. There’s competition to be on varsity. We got a good thing going. Now, we have a state champion in the books.”

Class B state meet

at Crossroads Golf Course in Carrington

Team scores

1, Kindred 353-351—704. 2, Hazen 355-358—713. 3, Langdon 363-350—713. 4, Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter 356-375—731. 5, Oak Grove 365-368—733. 6, South Border 367-375—742. 7, Rugby 387-368—755. 8, Heart River 368-392—760. 9, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood 397-382—779. 10, Beulah 402-380—782. 11, North Star 404-383—787. 12, Linton-Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock 405-391—796. 13, Watford City 422-398—820. 14, Dunseith 413-425—838. 15, Larimore 416-426—842. 16, Garrison 415-430—845. 17, Central Cass 447-415—862.

Individual results (top 10 all-state)

1, Jada Mattson, Heart River, 76-77—153. 2, Brynn Fischer, Langdon, 81-79—160. 3T, Alexis Piatz, Kindred, 81-82—163. 3T, Jordan Cain, OG, 80-83—163. 3T, Kaylie Bjronstad, North Star, 84-79—163. 6, Kinzie Molde, Grafton, 76-89—165. 7T, Karli Tompkins, Milnor-Wyndmere, 81-87—168. 7T, Kristen Halley, Pembina County North, 83-85—168. 7T, Savanna Nesemeier, Kindred, 83-85—168. 7T, Shania Gross, N-G-S, 80-88—168.

11T, Callie Carlson, M-L-S, 82-87—169. 11T, Haily Abel, Larimore, 85-84—169. 13T, Elizabeth Blessum, Rugby, 88-85—173. 13T, Skylar Aberle, M-L-S, 88-85—173. 15, Baylee Fitzgerald, Hazen, 85-89—174. 16, Darby Deckert, Rugby, 92-84—176. 17T, Kayla Lindguist, Hazen, 92-85—177. 17T, Krystal Retzlaff, Langdon, 93-84—177. 17T, Nikole Bitterman, Hazen, 90-87—177. 20T, Amiee Kittelson, Killdeer, 93-85—178. 20T, Jenny Zastawniak, Beulah, 90-88—178. 20T, Lynzee Hagemeister, Carrington, 88-90—178. 23T, Kali Schwartzenberger, N-G-S, 89-90—179. 23T, Maddi Braaten, Kindred, 90-89—179. 23T, Nicole Heintz, Hillsboro, 91-88—179.

26, Abby Warcken, LaMoure-L-M, 91-89—180. 27, Amber Muir, OG, 91-90—181. 28T, Kaitlyn Hubrig, Lidgerwood-Hankinson-Fairmount, 88-94—182. 28T, Katelyn Long, N-G-S, 88-94—182. 28T, Katie Larson, Tioga, 91-91—182. 28T, Raechelle Salzer, SB, 86-96—182. 32T, Jayden Romfo, Langdon, 89-94—183. 32T, Lauren Cain, OG, 91-92—183. 34T, Bethany Leier, Hazen, 88-97—185. 34T, Hannah Wishek, SB, 92-93—185. 36T, Anna Vander Laan, Linton-HMB, 91-95—186. 36T, Rachel Nantt, SB, 92-94—186. 38, Bailey Neubauer, Bottineau, 95-93—188. 39, Haley Gilstad, SB, 97-93—190.

40T, Hannah Obrigewitch, Beulah, 95-96—191. 40T, Sienna Bosch, Linton-HMB, 98-93—191. 42, Jordan Sparby, Watford City, 100-92—192. 43, Sydnie Saewert, CC, 99-94—193. 44, Sierra Graff, Kindred, 99-95—194. 45T, Andria Hart, Langdon, 100-96—196. 45T, Megan Neameyer, Hazen, 99-97—196. 45T, Nessa Iverson, Beulah, 102-94—196. 48T, Brooke Gilstad, SB, 102-95—197. 48T, Kendal Hendrickson, North Star, 98-99—197. 48T, Mataya Seamands, Bowman, 101-96—197. 48T, Taren Braunberger, Northern Lights, 101-96—197.

52T, Hope Froshaug, New Town, 103-96—199. 52T, Kellie Huschle, North Star, 105-94—199. 52T, Shea Ormiston, Langdon, 106-93—199. 55, Britti Krance, Heart River, 96-104—200. 56T, Mackenzie Jacobson, Garrison, 106-95—201. 56T, Madison Nadeau, Dunseith, 95-106—201. 58, Emily Christofferson, N-G-S, 99-103—202. 59, Paige Johnson, Rugby, 103-100—203. 60T, Becca Froshaug, New Town, 102-102-204. 60T, Laynee Kudrna, Heart River, 99-105, 204. 62T, Abby McCauley, Watford City, 109-96—205. 62T, Katelyn Hoggarth, SB, 100-105—205. 62T, Kenadee Kudrna, HR, 98-107—205. 62T, Lindsey Duben, Central McLean, 103-102—205. 62T, Mikayla Smith, Lisbon, 102-103—205.

67T, Courtney Martinson, OG, 103-103—206. 67T, Haley Jangula, N-G-S, 103-103—206. 69T, Bayli Krance, HR, 98-109—207. 69T, ReeAnn Christianson, Rugby, 108-99—207. 69T, Sophie Abraham, Kindred, 101-106—207. 72T, Cassidy Dupay, Stanley, 111-97—208. 72T, Halli Counts, Dunseith, 100-108—208. 74T, Courtney Anderson, North Sargent, 107-102—209. 74T, McKayla Peltier, Dunseith, 107-102—209.

76, Hannah Voeller, Rugby, 105-106—210. 77, Sydney Slais, Watford City, 108-103—211. 78T, Anna Vetter, LHMB, 103-109—212. 78T, Jenny Poth, Glenburn, 106-106—212. 78T, Kasi Sorenson, Watford City, 105-107—212. 81, Emilie Cramer, CC, 112-101—213. 82T, Emily Giffey, Garrison, 105-109—214. 82T, Sarah Vetter, LHMB, 113-101—214. 84T, Anna Larson, Garrison, 100-115—215. 84T, Kelsea McDowell, Garrison, 104-111—215. 84T, Megan McNamee, Larimore, 109-106—215. 84T, Tasha Hahka, M-L-S, 116-99—215. 88T, Rachael McNamee, Larimore, 104-112—216. 88T, Sidney Blum, LHMB, 114-102—216.

90T, Morgan Tomchuk, Beulah, 115-102—217. 90T, Taylor Lang, OG, 107-110—217. 92T, Caitlyn Davis, Dunseith, 111-109—220. 92T, Katie Keator, HR, 114-106—220. 94, Nicole Hanson, M-L-S, 111-111—222. 95T, Helen Johnson, Rugby, 111-112—223. 95T, Kaydin Schmitt, Hazen, 109-114—223. 97, Emma Swenson, CC, 120-106—226. 98, Mckensie Vigstol, Des Lacs-Burlington, 102-125—227. 99T, Emily Gibbens, North Star, 117-111—228. 99T, Jessica McKay, OG, 116-112—228.

101T, Alexa Young, N-G-S, 114-117—231. 101T, Hanna Fletcher, CC, 117-114—231. 103, Cassidy Will, LHMB, 114-119—233. 104, Sarah Nadeau, Dunseith, 115-119—234. 105, Leah Vikander, Kindred, 128-109—237. 106, Kendra Foreman, Watford City, 123-115—-238. 107, Jenna Wasness, Larimore, 118-124—242. 108, Delaine Hanson, MLS, 130-114—244. 109, Allison Eberhardt, CC, 128-117—245. 110T, Kaitlyn Rueb, Beulah, 120-128—248. 110T, Kayla McMahon, Larimore, 122-126—248. 112, Kylie Kram, Langdon, 127-122—249.

113, Mikayla Baker, Dunseith, 129-125—254. 114T, Karlee Schmidt, Larimore, 123-134—257. 114T, Maddie Jaeger, Garrison, 124-133—257. 116, Erin Runch, Cc, 119-139—258. 117, Lexi Kiecker, North Star, 136-123—259. 118, Maddie Run, Garrison, 138-141—279. 119, Hannah Koenig, North Star, 139-141—280. 120, Macy Feland, MLS, 133-153—286. 121, Taylor Pennington, New Town, 144-147—291. 122, Olivia Gronos, Watford City, DNP-169—169.