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DesRosier’s contract at Trinity non-renewed

After serving his first full year as Dickinson Trinity High School’s activities director, Andrew DesRosier’s contract was not renewed this week.

DesRosier has also been a coach at Trinity since 2003. He was the co-head coach of the boys and girls track and field teams the past two years.

In the those seasons, DesRosier helped lead the Trinity boys to a pair of top-five finishes at the Class B state meet. The Titans placed third in 2013 and fifth in 2014.

“The thought of not returning is extremely difficult,” said DesRosier, who started teaching at Trinity in 2007. “The most difficult thought is not returning to the fellow co-workers, teachers and coaches that I’ve worked closely with. Even more gut wrenching is the idea of not returning to the students that you come to know so well throughout the years. It has been very emotional for me, but it’s also something that is outside of my control.”

Steve Glasser, Dickinson Catholic Schools President, said he can’t comment on personnel decisions.

Though DesRosier will no longer have a contract with Trinity, he hopes he can still help coach.

“I have asked the school if there’s a possibility that I could remain in some coaching capacity,” DesRosier said. “They are open to the possibility, but aren’t able to make that determination at this moment.”

DesRosier is currently seeking employment.

“I’m open to every employment possibility that can come my way,” he said. “I’ve been watching the want ads very closely. I’m open to the possibilities that suit me best whether they are in or out of education.”