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Grinsteinner movitating Titans

Press Photo by Dustin Monke Dickinson Trinity senior Nikki Grinsteinner, right, rises up to block an attack by Richardton-Taylor junior Logan Olson on Sept. 13 at Knights of Columbus Activities Center in Dickinson.

Dickinson Trinity's senior Nikki Grinsteinner has the talent on the court and the kindness off the court to embody a great volleyball captain.

"For me, it's a lot about attitude," Grinsteinner said. "How other people can perceive you from the court is a big deal. You always want to stay positive when you play volleyball, because it's a positive sport."

Those positive vibes have been felt by the rest of her team. Senior middle hitter Andrea Jirges said Grinsteinner's always there to pump up the Titans.

"She has a great attitude," Jirges said. "I've never seen her mad or anything. If she makes a mistake, she gets over it pretty quick."

Getting over things quickly is something the Titans (18-15) had to get used during the regular season.

"Our regular season really had some ups and downs," Grinsteinner said. "Overall I think we did pretty well. I think we proved that we have the talent and potential to go far." Grinsteinner isn't a slouch on the volleyball court, helping Trinity catch a wave of momentum into the District 14 volleyball tournament starting at 7 p.m. on Friday.

"When she's on top, our team is on top," Trinity head coach Rayma Braaten said. "We really depend on her. These past couple of weeks, she's really came through for us in a big way."

The offensive and defensive side for Grinsteinner makes her fellow teammates look in awe.

"Her hits are outstanding and she can block better than anyone I know," Jirges said. "I would be scared if I was on any other team, because she'll bring her game."

Getting the job done doesn't always come easy. Grinsteinner is looked upon to find comforting words whether the Titans win or lose.

"It's definitely easily to build your team up after a win than after a loss," said Grinsteinner, the daughter of longtime Trinity boys basketball coach Gregg Grinsteinner. "You don't have to find as many inspiring words. It's really fun to see your team persevere."

Sammy Gordon, he Titans' other captain, has served up solid passes that make Grinsteinner, Jirges and Aly Schieno's jobs much easier.

"Sam has definitely stepped up as a setter," Grinsteinner said. "She's shown that she can pass the ball anywhere."

Gordon's ability to pass the ball all over the court has allowed the Titans front three to work out of jams.

"It helps a lot, because each of us have struggle with on and off games," Jirges said. "If one of us has an off game, it's really nice to know the whole other team will step it up."

Though getting a big kill can fire up the crowd, Grinsteinner wants to bring that excitement day in and day out.

"It definitely takes intensity, when you are on the court," she said. "You have to come into the game with confidence and even be humble about it."