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Fong named Trinity girls basketball coach

Press Photo by Dustin Monke In this 2013 photo, Carter Fong, left, celebrates with the Dickinson Trinity girls basketball team after the first half against Bowman County in the Region 7 Tournament at Knights of Columbus Activities Center. Fong was named head coach for the Trinity girls basketball on Monday. Fong was an assistant under Alysia Barman, who accepted the girls head coaching job at Dickinson High in April, for seven years.

For the past seven years, Carter Fong served as an assistant coach for the Dickinson Trinity girls basketball team.

His time as an assistant is over. Fong was named the Titans’ head coach on Monday.

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Needless to say, Fong was eager about the opportunity to lead Trinity and start the 2014-15 season.

“I’m thrilled,” Fong said. “I couldn’t be more excited, because I’ve been with our program for seven years now.”

The job became available after Alysia Barman accepted the same position at Dickinson High.

The Titans are coming off back-to-back Region 7 championship runner-up finishes. During Fong’s assistant coaching tenure, the Titans compiled a 120-45 record.

Fong’s biggest focus is being defensively sound team. The Titans finished the 2013-14 regular season allowing 40.3 points per game.

“We’ve talked a lot at Trinity about attitude and effort being the two things that we can control,” Fong said. “On those nights when shots just aren’t falling, we need to play lock down defense to keep ourselves in a game and have a chance to win every night.”

Though Fong served as an assistant coach, it didn’t mean he was a shoe-in for the head coaching job. The Titans went through the regular application process.

When everything was all said and done, Trinity activities director Andrew DesRosier said Fong was the applicant the Titans wanted.

“It was a decision we didn’t take lightly,” DesRosier said. “We wanted the absolute best candidate to take this job. We looked at all of our options very closely, but all of Carter’s strengths made it very obvious to us that he was the best choice and that we wanted him to our head girls basketball coach.”

DesRosier said Fong has the ability to step right in right away.

“Carter is well established in our school,” DesRosier said. “He has a very strong rapport with the students and that’s going to make this transition very easy in the summer months.”

This isn’t Fong’s first head coaching job. He was the head coach of the American Legion Volunteers team for five years and the co-head coach for the Dickinson High boys tennis team for three.

Since he started at Trinity in 2007, Fong has taught social science and religion. He also served as the high school’s principal from 2010 to 2013.

Fong said it has been refreshing to get back in the classroom, because it’s a reminder of how importance it’s to teach.

“Now that I’ve been back in the classroom for a year, I’ve just truly realized how much I enjoy teaching and coaching,” he said. “Coaching is just an extension of the classroom. That’s where my passion is. I love the game. We have a great group of girls coming up next year. I couldn’t ask for a better group to work with than the one I’ll be getting.”

Barman, who was named the girls head coach at Dickinson High on April 29, is confident in Fong.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Carter in many capacities,” she said. “He first started coaching for me when he was student teaching, then worked with him as a colleague, then he became my principal and then again as colleague. He has shown throughout the entire seven years his commitment to Trinity High School. That’s the biggest thing to me. He wants to be a Titan. He doesn’t want anything else. He’s 100 percent committed to the red and white.

“Along the way, we had a lot of conversions about what it takes be at that next level. What the kids expect and what they demand. Carter fit every role he’s ever played at Trinity. He’s a great educator. He was a great principal. He was a great assistant coach and I know he’ll be a great head coach.”