“A Magical Medora Christmas” comes home

“A Magical Medora Christmas,” returns to its home in Medora on Saturday, Dec. 7. (Photo courtesy of the Medora Foundation)

As cold air settles briskly on the Badlands, a nationally renowned show, “A Magical Medora Christmas,” returns to its home on Saturday, Dec. 7.

With over 30 shows in 23 communities, reactions from the audiences throughout North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota have been overwhelmingly positive.

“We actually started out the tour with a sold out show,” Kaelee Knoell, Marketing Specialist for the Medora Foundation proudly told the Press. “It’s been very well received now, by three states worth of people and the cast is enjoying back on tour.”

“We obviously can’t wait to be back in Medora,” Knoell added. “It’ll be exciting to have full shows right at home.”

What sets this year’s tour apart from the musical’s previous outings is the inclusion of former cast members.


“People who have been going to see the musical in past years, now get to see some of their favorite performers that were in the musical,” Knoell said.

Susan Axvig, the group’s tour director, was equally excited to spread the music and the fun, despite the inclement weather.

“For those first two shows we had in Washburn and Linton, weather was a major issue,” Axvig said of the midwest’s recent bouts of fog, snow and ice. “Lots of people were calling to see if we’d hold the show and then when we went to Aberdeen, oh my goodness. They had a 1,000 seat theatre and they filled it. They had 14 inches of snow the night before and they were plowing out the roads as we got there and we did the show. They were kind of amazed that we made it.

“We were excited to be there and what a great audience,” the tour director added.

Another major upgrade for the cast has come in the form of a bus, equipped with it’s very own driver.

As Axvig puts it: “We are very blessed to have some good donors that helped sponsor the show this year and that helped us be able to get a bus. The driver is another blessing because we’re able to relax in the evenings as we travel after the show.”

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