Badlands Bowl donates to help children get active

Badlands Bowl Chairmen Rick and Kelly Reid will be donating to help underprivilege children be active in places like the WRCC. (File Image/The Dickinson Press)

After 28 years, the Badlands Bowl didn't quite get the send-off deserving of such a tenured event, none the less chairmen and brothers Rick and Kelly Reid decided to take one last tackle at helping underprivilege children enjoy the beauty of sports with a proper farewell donation.

While the exact number is still unknown, Rick Reid told the Dickinson Parks & Rec. board that the organization would be donating approximately $5,000 to the new Dickinson Parks & Rec. Foundation which will help allow underprivilege children the ability to enjoy recreational activities and the Dickinson Parks & Rec. including the West River Community Center. The funds will be the innagural funds to the new foundation.

"When we found out Parks & Rec was creating a foundation to help underprivileged kids utilize the equipment, we decided that would be a good place to go," Rick Reid told the board on Friday.

Dickinson Parks and Rec. President Scott Kovash addressed Rick and Kelly in the meeting on Friday and had some sorrow words about the ending of the Badlands Bowl.

"I’m sure this hasn’t been easy with everything going on now, I’m sure it’s the last thing you wanted to do, it’s unfortunate but it is what it is," Kovash said. "Maybe that donation will start something."


Rick Reid explained more in detail how he feels about the donation after Friday's board meeting.

"When we started the Badlands Bowl 28 years ago … one of the things that we wanted to do with any money made was benefit children," Rick Reid said. "This is something that we’ve no longer that we’re going to have the game, this seems to us like a perfect situation to disperse of our excess cash ... We want to give it to charity and that’s a charity that’s going to benefit children that need help being active in sports and recreation. "

Rick Reid explained that while the gesture is pure and sincere and is happy with the donation, it also marks the official end of the Bandlands Bowl.

"It really is bittersweet that it’s over," he said. "But the people that we met and got to work with over those 28 years was the best thing about the game and it’s about the people and now we’re helping people that can continue with recreation, sports and activities.

"There is so much negative that has been happening, you have to deal with it with a positive attitude," Rick Reid added. "Being able to give something back to somebody else is the name of the game ... it’s a positive thing and I hope it puts a light at the end of a tunnel for some people."

Rick Reid hopes that this donation that will help benefit those underprivileged children will one day pay it forward by helping the community in any way they can.

"I hope all of those young athletes whose lives we touched a little bit, understand about us giving back to the community and one of the things that they learn is that they can give back to the community and hopefully make it better for everybody else," he said.

Rick Reid explained Badlands Bowl committee will be voting officially on the idea on Friday night and will get a guarantee number for the Parks and Rec board. Once the numbers are validated and the vote is approved, the Dickinson Parks & Rec. board is slated to have the check for the new foundation within the upcoming week.

Matthew Curry is a sports reporter and photographer for the West Central Tribune.
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