Infinity Real Estate is moving to a new location on West Villard Street.

Owners Tim Seiler and Susie Lefor have purchased the former Superior Cleaners site at 1269 W. Villard St. The building has been vacant since 2012.

Infinity, currently located at 140 First St. E., Ste. B, was formed in March 2018.

"It's basically representing buyers and sellers of real property," Seiler explained. "Commercial, agricultural, residential, pretty much the whole gamut of real estate."

Seiler and Lefor, both Dickinson natives, are experienced real estate agents and brokers.

They pursued the new property because they no longer wanted to rent their offices, wishing instead for the business to have a home of its own.

"We want to plant our roots," Seiler said. "We want to be a permanent location in the city, so we have been searching and found the Superior building."

Villard has many advantages, Seiler said.

"It's very high exposure, with lots of traffic, centrally located," he said. "It's kind of the gateway to Dickinson."

The move was also motivated by continuing growth in the region.

"Since the day we opened, we've been very blessed," Seiler said. "Business has been aggressive. Both buyers and sellers, the market is showing that statistically we are growing. To be part of that growth is where we're going."

Infinity boasts a staff of six, with plans to add an undetermined numbers of positions following the move.

"Ultimately we would like to cap it out at about eight to 10 total that are involved in Infinity," Seiler said.

An extension renovation is planned.

The interior has been gutted, and the front will be completely redone in wood, stone and glass, Lefor explained.

"The whole front does have to come off," she said. "We are taking the whole front off and putting a whole new facade on it. We'll have a beautiful new office building by the time they're done with it."

The Stark Development Corporation board Tuesday approved $25,000 in facade improvement funds for the project.

Ryan Jilek, SDC executive vice president, called the decision an ideal use for the program.

"This is exactly what we're trying to accomplish," he said Tuesday, "is take an old building and breathe some life back into it."

Infinity is also applying for the city's renaissance zone program. The program freezes property tax rates for a period while renovations and improvements to existing properties are made.

They will appear before the Planning & Zoning Commission on July 17.

If approved, Seiler expects renovations to being in August.

"We're shooting for an end of the year move-in," he said. "There's still some things going on, some time in between now and when we're ready to move in."

Seiler said they were excited to be moving to a new location.

"We totally believe in growth," he said. "We believe in the community we're in, being involved in that. To grow our business, and grow our little family, is where we started and where we're going."