Kids grow fast, which means they can outgrow their clothes and shoes in a matter of months or years. The cost for those items can often quickly add up, especially as prices seem to keep going up. That's where Anastasia Krehlik and Deja Vu Tots step in.

Deja Vu Tots, which opened last September, is a resale shop at 1462 I-94 Business Loop East, Suite 2. Krehlik, store owner, will buy and sell gently used kids clothes from premie up to teens. People can drop off their items and fill out a form. She reviews each item and contacts the individual before making them an offer for the items.

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Krehlik offers cash and store credit for items, noting that store credit gives people an extra 15 percent to spend in-store for an entire year. Krehlik said her store and backroom are currently pretty full, so she is only taking certain items on store credit.

"The variety of items that I can offer here is huge," she said. "I have just signed a couple new contracts with the brand-new merchandise that I will be carrying here too. So it's not just going to be gently used items, but the new stuff too."

Krehlik said she tries to create at least one to two social media posts every day to let people know what she will be putting out on the floor, including sizes and the like. People can comment on the posts and ask for those items to be reserved.

"It's convenient for them because my hours are so conflicting with a lot of people's schedules," she said. "I have to go get my own kids at 5 o'clock so otherwise I'd be staying later."

Each item of clothing in the store is often one of a kind, which can put a limitation on sizes and colors, but it also allows people to have unique items that you couldn't get in a store.

In addition to offering store credit, there is a stamp card program and has a special discount for military personnel, veterans and foster families. Krehlik is also working with Southwest District Health Unit to hopefully give a discount to those on the WIC program as well.

"I'm here for the community, not just for myself," she said. "I'm not here to make money. If I wanted to make money I would open some brand new boutique where there's extreme prices. (The store) is more for giving to the community."

Barb Truchan, WIC coordinator for SWDHU, said they are potentially considering working with Krehlik some time in the future and thought the idea was a nice gesture.

"It's a nice that she is offering such a thing and we could maybe take advantage of that in the future," Truchan said.

The store is doing better after a bit of a slow start. Krehlik said that's to be expected for every new business as people begin to learn more about it.

"The more people that find out about me the more people they bring in," she said.

Krehlik grew up in Russia and came to Dickinson more than eight years ago to play volleyball at Dickinson State University, but she's known for a long time that she wanted to go into business. She said she loves the community.

"I knew that I would like to have some sort of a business but I was not sure which way I want to go," she said. "Being the mother of two I know the struggle of shopping around here and I had a full basement of items from both of my kids. I had been driving myself all the way to Bismarck and Fargo to shop for gently used items for my kids as well as going to all the garage sales and things, but you don't always get the time to go somewhere or wait for the garage sales during the summertime, so I just decided it was time to open my own shop."

The store is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but does close for lunch from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Saturdays they are open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and they are closed on Sunday. For more information check out their Facebook page at or call 701-483-8687. The store also has a website at