LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-A business in Arkansas is taking a new approach to how they design caskets for outdoorsman out there.

Glory Boats builds caskets shaped as a fishing boat with three different camouflage options for people to choose from.

Its website describes these boats as "vessels to convey the mortal remains of outdoors enthusiasts to that glorious, final harbor."

The idea came from Glory Boats owner Joel Schmidt after his father died after a fall from a ladder. While his father was in the hospital, Schmidt recalls speaking to him about plans in case of his death.

According to the company's biography on the website, "At one point during the conversation Joel offhandedly remarked how glad he was to know his dad's wishes because 'If you hadn't told me what you wanted, I might have just buried you in your fishing boat.'"

The statement stuck with Schmidt and he is, quite literally, burying people in fishing boats.

Each casket is priced at $2,800 and has three styles: Marsh Grass, Woodland Camo and Pink Camo.