Aspire Health Clinic is expanding to include dental services.

The local chiropractic office headed by Marvin Eberts is being joined by dentist Melissa Eberts, currently with High Plains Dental P.C.

"The goal of what we're creating is a multi-discipline, ancillary service practice," Marvin Eberts said, "with my wife, being a dentist, trying to offer those services, and me being a chiropractor, doing standard chiropractic services and some rehabilitation."

The office at 193 24th St. E. is currently remodeling in preparation to launch dental services on Jan. 1, 2020.

"It's a convenient location for people maybe moving to the area or looking for a facility that has a lot under one roof, so you don't have three different stops for getting the same three services you can get all here," Eberts said.

Melissa Eberts plans to bring to the Aspire office the latest innovations in dental service.

"We are going to have state-of-the-art dental equipment, radiographs, intraoral cameras to help with our oral cancer screenings, and comprehensive dental treatments," she said.

The dental practice will be located in the newly renovated back of the office space, with the front still being used for reception and massage and chiropractic rooms.

There will be some overlap, with both practices using the consultation room, for example.

"As we're discussing treatment options for patients we'll have a nice space where we can show them their dental radiographs and pictures, things like that," Marvin Eberts said.

The rehab bay will also be used by both practices, treating, for example, temporomandibular joint disorders.

"We're finding a lot of times patients especially with TMJ disorders can see Marvin and bring that jaw back to normal occlusion and I can restore them on the dental side," Melissa Eberts said. "Step-by-step, we are looking at different ways to integrate not only bringing dental into the office, but bringing our offices together to best serve our patients."

Melissa Eberts said she is excited to be joining Aspire Health.

"I'm looking forward to serving our patients as a whole and as a team," she said. "It feels wonderful."

Her last day at High Plains will be Dec. 15, and she will have a two-week transition period to prepare to offer services starting in 2020.

A key motivation for the merging of services is the Eberts' mutual desire to have more control over their professional and family lives.

"For us, by coming together, we're going to be able to at least manage on the clinic end our schedules and get those to coincide with our children's schedules, so that way we can still be there for our kids' games or events," Marvin Eberts said.

Marvin Eberts said he is excited to be working alongside his wife.

"Most of us spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our spouses, so I'm excited to be able to see her, even if its just the fun little conversation here or there, passing in the hall," he said. "Even though I won't be working with her directly, I'm looking forward to that."

Melissa Eberts said they are a "great team."

"We've always worked well together. We're kind of a yin and yang. He has lots of energy, and I bring the calm and relaxing side to things," she said. "I'm looking forward to it."