Dickinson-based Medora Corporation will soon offer expanded water treatment products to its global market.

This ability stems from its acquisition by Australian-based Ixom, a water treatment and chemical distribution company.

"We’ve had companies that looked at us, but when IXOM came, they’re just a very strong company with a lot of opportunity. I think that’s what it’s about; it’s about opportunities, resources to grow," said Cliff Tormaschy, CEO of Medora Corporation.

Greg Chirieleison, executive vice president for Ixom Water Care Inc. in the United States, said Ixom was looking for ways to expand its business in source water, and the Medora Corporation seemed like a natural fit.

Ixom's MIEX business launched two new products last year focusing on source water management - PAMS and Water Selector.

"One enabled us to monitor from the surface to the intake in lakes and reservoirs and dams, and the other product - Water Selector- actually allowed us to harvest at the depth where the best quality of water resided," said Randy Cable, the global head of MIEX.

"As we started to look at the market, we really understood that Medora and Cliff’s team really were pioneers in source water management with regards to lakes and reservoirs and water treatment with their SolarBee and GridBee product line," he continued. "We recognized early that there were a lot of synergies between the combined portfolio of products."

The SolarBee, a solar-powered circulator, was the first unit the Medora Corporation started with, according to its CEO, Cliff Tormaschy.

"You can put it in a lake or a wastewater lagoon tank, and it’s a very robust floating platform with solar power, so we don’t have to connect it to any type of energy," he said. "What it does is it sits in the water and it circulates the water. It keeps the water moving. There’s quite a lot of benefits when you have the water moving. In stagnant water, you have blue-green algae; you’re not promoting a good exchange of gasses, oxygen into the water column."

The joining of the two companies allows Ixom to now meet all federal regulations on source water management needs including monitoring quality, treating and harvesting the water.

"With the combined offerings now, you have products that not only focus on the pretreatment side of things and the harvesting (the reservoir and source water management), but then with Cliff’s group, they also do in-tank aeration," Cable said. " … Once it (water) goes back out into distribution, we’re able to treat that water again in a final step … and then we close the loop - the Medora product offering also comes back and has place water offerings. If you combine all of those treatment streams, it really makes us in a unique space to offer enhanced technologies to meet your DVP (disinfection byproducts) regulations, either upstream or in your distribution."

The more comprehensive product line that the acquisition has created has created excitement in the company.

"I think we’re looking to really see how these two businesses can come together and grow over the next months and years, and, like Randy said, the product suite we have to offer the market is very robust, so it’s a very exciting time for both companies," said Chirieleison.