Burlap sacks of coffee beans, perch next to a roaster machine, await to be crushed into grounds and steamed into a cup of coffee. Soft, cozy seating and Magnolia-like interior will welcome customers at Market Press Coffee Co., which is set to open tentatively mid-February in Dickinson.

Located off of State Avenue — and kitty-corner to the Dickinson Public Safety Center — the new coffee shop will be the center hub on the northwest side of the city. The convenience of the location is something part-owner Aaron Grinsteinner hopes will help attract customers.

“We thought it would be a good place for a variety of small Dickinson businesses, (it’s) obviously on a busy corner (and at) a good location in town,” Grinsteinner said.

Though Market Press Coffee Co. has not officially released a menu, Grinsteinner said the establishment will feature a variety of not only drinks to choose from, but also food items including wraps, pastries and two different flavors of soup will be offered each day.

“We’re going to have six specialty drinks. Those will be handcrafted beverages. The (specialty drinks) will be espresso based drinks, primarily lattes — available hot or cold,” Grinsteinner said.

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Manager and part-owner Luke Schweitzer said his favorite would be the artisan grilled cheese and homemade tomato and dill soup in addition to the vanilla latte made with an equally homemade vanilla syrup.

Freshly roasted coffee will also be available. Grinsteinner mentioned the shop buys the beans green and will roast them until they reach that iconic warm, brown color people know and love.

The coffee is also fair trade, meaning that the coffee has been ethically sourced and workers have been paid a fair wage for their work in countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Columbia.

“We buy them (the beans) from a distributor in Minneapolis called Café Imports… It’s all fair trade organic,” Grinsteinner said.

Quality coffee, for the owners, is not complete without a comfortable, luxurious and relaxed environment filled with familiar faces. Grinnsteiner said he aspires to create and develop an atmosphere of familiarity and belonging, where customers feel truly known, to serve as intermediary space between home and work or a place to hang out.

Delivery may become available in the distant future but right now, the owners plan to focus on executing their current operations well, Grinnsteiner said.

Part-owner Chad Glasser had a vision for a coffee shop in the subdivision built by his company Venture Homes, LLC. Though Glasser and Grinsteinner had no intention of opening their own coffee shop, both of them set out to build the new commercial subdivision known as “The Market” as part of their construction business Venture Homes. After being turned down by various coffee shop prospects, the duo decided to open their own coffee shop.

However, with their current workload, both Grinsteinner and Glasser agreed they needed an additional hand, someone to manage the day-to-day operations.

“The one thing that we wanted to figure out before we were really going to jump into it was who was going to run the place, because Chad and I work full-time on the construction side with Venture Homes and also manage the restaurant, the Dakota Diner,” Grinsteinner said.

That’s when Schweitzer stepped in, who was Glasser’s former high school classmate. After a careful screening process spanning over a year, Schweitzer became manager and the third part-owner. In addition to Schweitzer, all three sought help from their wives.

Glasser’s wife, Britini, is credited to have contributed to the warm interior with her designing skills and works as a home design specialist for Venture Homes. Schweitzer’s wife, Greta, and Grinsteinner’s wife, Mackenzi, helped with not only the interior design but also built on the menu.

Await for the Market Press Coffee Co. to open later this month.