Dickinson's James Bedard has taken an often dreaded chore and turned it into a passion. Bedard opened JB's Window Cleaning service in March.

The whole concept of the business began while JB was working at the West River Community Center, where he is still employed. Prior to his job there, he had never cleaned a window in his life. Once he started, though, there was no stopping him.

People soon took notice of his thorough job. He said people using the WRCC started asking when they could hire him to do their windows.

"At first it started out kind of jokingly," Bedard said. "After about the 10th time I just kind of felt in my heart that something else was going on."

He said he let it go at first, but when people kept joking with him about cleaning windows, he decided he couldn't ignore his calling.

"After a while, it kind of seeded inside me," Bedard said. "I felt like God was asking 'Is this something you want to do?'"

When he began looking into starting up a window cleaning business, he said everyone he talked to was very encouraging.

"Most people really hate cleaning windows," Bedard said, adding many people were happy to learn someone would do it for them.

He got a business plan down, purchased some equipment and did his first window-washing service in March. He said he enjoys his new profession.

"When you actually get a window clean and you're looking out it, the result is like night and day," Bedard said. "You don't actually notice the dirty spots, but then when you actually truly clean a window, it's like something flows through and it's a lot easier to view. I think it actually relaxes the eye."

Mitch Kick, owner of Big Sky Athlete of Dickinson, had Bedard clean the windows of the business about two weeks ago.

"He was very professional and gave me an estimate and did a really, really nice job," Kick said.

He added it freed up time for him and his employees, since they usually did the windows themselves. Kick added he plans to have Bedard clean the windows the next time they need it.

"He does a great job and his price is realistic," Kick said "It makes my life a lot easier."

Bedard can clean windows up to three stories. He hopes to purchase more equipment so he can reach windows further up.

"I don't want to go too big right away," Bedard said. "I want a solid foundation."

His hours of operation are negotiable, and depend on what his clients want.

"I'm going to be here when they need me," Bedard said.

Bedard plans to offer his services year round. He cleans windows for residential and commercial clients in Dickinson and will travel to outlying communities as well.

To contact JB's Window Cleaning Service, call 701-590-3504.