Horses are known for their majestic power to captivate a human with not only their strength and endurance to carry its rider, but also act as a companion. For all horse enthusiasts, the North Dakota Equine Association is a place for like-minded individuals to congregate and educate one another about horses, equine culture and more.

The North Dakota Equine Association began in 2020, with hopes of becoming “everything horse for North Dakota,” media and marketing spokesperson Amy Becker said. Right now, the association is working on creating a website, getting more publicly involved by hosting events for the state of North Dakota to be able to gather other horse lovers for horse shows and other educational events.

“It’s basically a group of horse-crazy people that we turned into a nonprofit to try and benefit everybody else too,” Becker said. “We hope to become an association and we want to build up our members. We want to be able to do fun things, like we want to get people together; we want to do these events (such as) last year, we did a Horsey Halloween with a costume contest and stuff. We just want to be fun and educational at the same time. We want people, who don’t have horses, still feel like they can join the association or check out what we’ve got.”

Across the United States, animal agriculture and western culture is lessening by the year as more and more people are becoming infatuated with “typical go-to-the-movies events,” Becker said.

“I don’t want to say it’s a dying thing, but animal agriculture and horses have become a little more distant and I think people forget really how good they can be… You can use them for therapy, people enjoy watching rodeo — it would be hard to have a rodeo without horses. I think it’s really important to educate people,” she said.

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Currently, the association has 30 members enrolled. Memberships include different levels from the $20 individual pass, $100 for businesses, $50 for families and a $10 honorary membership. As a member, people will receive the quarterly newsletter via email and a couple of tickets for the Horse Expo. Each membership entails different benefits.

Anybody is welcome to join, no horse ownerships are required, she added.

“We have big hopes for it. If we can get it going properly and if we can eventually make enough money down the road, we would look into doing scholarships and different sorts of things,” Becker said, adding, “We just want to get people into horses and get people to like to do this stuff and want to learn this stuff.”

For more information, visit the North Dakota Equine Association Facebook page or email Becker at The next event the association will be hosting is the North Dakota Horse Expo which is scheduled for June 4-6 in Minot.