New York and Los Angeles may have constant traffic jams, but here in North Dakota, ongoing road construction and farming equipment take over the summer months. Now that harvest season is in full swing, farmers across southwestern North Dakota are encouraging vehicle drivers to use extra caution during this time.

As farmers work hard year round to produce food crops for Americans across the country, the hours can be long and difficult. Starting their day at dusk, most farmers can still be found working in the fields well into the night hours. With farmers being in short supply and in high demand, it’s not a job many people are cut out to do.

“It would be nice if the general public would be understanding and patient with us,” local farmer Steven Gussey said. “Moving our large equipment from field to field is something we have to do. We don’t want to block the roads but sometimes it is the only choice we have.”

With the harvesting season in full bloom, there will be more farm equipment moving up and down North Dakota roadways, and considering the drought, farmers are looking to get what they can, while they can. As drought and extreme heat has plagued the region, farmers are also encouraging people to understand that they need to stay off of private grass trails.

Though the region has begun to receive some precipitation on Thursday into Friday, ATV’s and motorized vehicles pose a big fire danger and can take out a farmer's entire food source if a fire happens to break out. Most farmers have taken the time to modify their machinery and vehicles so that they themselves are able to carry fire fighting equipment. However, farmers advise public caution throughout the rest of the summer season and into fall.