Auction gets ready for red angus sale

The Forster Red Angus Bull Sale will be taking place in Richardton.

Richardton's Forster Red Angus Ranch will host its annual bull sale Sat. Feb. 9 at 1p.m. (Courtesy of Ken Forster/Forster Red Angus Ranch)
Photo courtesy of Ken Forster / Forster Red Angus Ranch

If red angus, ranching and fresh roast beef sound good to you, you’re in for a treat.

The Forster Red Angus Ranch will host its 55th annual bull sale at 1 p.m. MST Feb. 9. Prior to the sale, a free lunch consisting of fresh roast beef will be available.

Forester Red Angus Ranch Owner Ken Forster said the sale will feature 80 high-quality, pure red angus bulls. Each bull has been registered with the Red Angus Association of America. Forster said he does not sell anything less than 100% red angus at this sale.

All of the bulls are at least 2 years old and have been semen-tested prior to the sale, Forester said, adding that he guarantees each bull up for sale is of good breeding stock and will be able to optimally perform.

Forster owes this to a consistent, streamlined rearing process.


“We wean them in the fall… Then we rough them out through the winter,” he said. “The next spring, we kick them out on summer pastures… that fall we bring them in and get them ready for our sale. We believe this ensures a better breeding bull that will have less maintenance and breed more cows, for a longer servicing career.”

After the bulls are sold, Forster and a couple of family members will begin delivering bulls to their new owners. Forster said delivery sometimes takes him from coast to coast, and even across national borders including Canada.

"Today, red angus are seeing unparalleled popularity both in the (United States) and internationally. In fact, the growing notoriety of the breed is bringing worldwide demand for breeding stock from South Africa, Australia and South America, where the majority of the cattle are red in color. This has led red angus to become the leading (United States) beef breed in semen exports,” according to the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University website.

A year like last year can leave one scurrying to find one positive highlight, especially a small business owner like Forster. However, for Forster, it wasn’t too difficult. Meeting and getting to know his customers as well as delivering their newly purchased bulls were highlights from last year’s sale, he said.

With the coronavirus pandemic’s impacts on businesses, several ranchers in the area had to brainstorm new ways to provide their services to customers. With great, loyal customers and family members, Forster Ranch has still managed to stand the test of time, considering the ongoing conditions of the cattle market.

Forster Red Angus Ranch has been around for six generations. Forster’s family, including his children and soon his grandchildren, help him operate the ranch. Forster said the annual sale began with his parents.

Forster noted that he owes his success to his family’s help. He would like to thank his family and loyal customers for sticking with the ranch through the years.

“I’d just like to thank everybody, thank our previous customers… for trusting us … There’s a lot of good people in the livestock industry, they’re down to earth,” he said. “It’s kind of like a family.”


The sale will take place at Wick Sale Barn, located at 4022 Hwy 8 South in Richardton. For those unable to attend, the auction will allow for online participation at

A red angus bull is pictured. The Forester Red Angus Ranch will kick off its 55th annual bull sale Feb. 9 in Richardton. (Dickinson Press File Photo)

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