Buchanan aims to keep Dickinson 'Well Kept'

New downtown Dickinson-based beauty and wellness store to open

Well Kept
Ruby Buchanan plans to open Well Kept in downtown Dickinson Jan. 4.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press
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DICKINSON — Finding products that are free from harmful and synthetic ingredients can be a struggle, but a new downtown business makes it simple to find clean beauty supplies and supplements. Ruby Buchanan plans to open Well Kept, a natural beauty and wellness store, on Jan. 4th.

She offers a wide variety of clean cosmetics, specifically curated for those who want natural, high quality products that are aesthetically pleasing.

“People don’t always have the time or want to read every single label on everything they get, so I really like to use brands that I feel like I can trust and know that they're really safe across the board with all their products,” Buchanan said. “They're using really high quality ingredients, they're potent, their formulations are pure and they're really great.”

She avoids products with parabens, synthetic fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate and mineral oil. Some of the brands found at Well Kept are plastic free as well.

“Even if not everybody cares about that stuff, you can feel better shopping these brands,” Buchanan said. “It's better for the environment and it's less waste than a lot of other, conventional companies, because they all kind of have those values already built into their company.”


Well kept
Well Kept in downtown Dickinson offers a variety of clean cosmetics.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

The store also offers a wide variety of supplements that are third party tested to ensure they have the best ingredients. They are free from fillers and heavy metals and are safe for the whole family. Many of the children’s supplements are whole food based, she said.

“The supplements are not synthetic, they're bioavailable because that's a lot better for you,” Buchanan said. “I buy my kids a lot of natural supplements and things that help them get over a cold faster or, you know, boost their immune system.”

Many other clean products from coffee to candles can be found in the store.

“Conventional candles can be really, really toxic to breathe in and to have in your home - I mean, they're linked to cancer causing ingredients and endocrine disruptors,” she said. “I've just seen the benefits of choosing natural and trying to prevent some of these health issues or diseases that can come from having a lot of chemicals in your body or on your body or breathing them in.”

Ruby Buchanan
Ruby Buchanan offers many natural products that are free from chemicals and harmful ingredients.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

Buchanan is a Washington native who moved to the area with her family about five years ago. She began her journey in clean beauty and natural wellness 10 years ago.

“A lot of people know why we should choose cleaner products,” Buchanan said. “I've had a lot of benefits personally from just living a healthier, more natural lifestyle.”

She researched the dangers in conventional cosmetics and household products and blogged about her experience for years. Buchanan had been thinking about opening a store to share her passion for green products and when the right building became available she jumped on the opportunity.

“I love the location,” she said. “I care about the aesthetic and atmosphere and so when people come and shop at my store, I want them to come in and be like, ‘Wow, I love being here.’”


Ruby Buchanan
Ruby Buchanan offers green wellness products at Well Kept.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

Customers can shop online at and have items shipped anywhere in the US. The website also has a “pick up” option.

“They can shop online and hit pick up and then they can come into the store,” Buchanan said. “I'll have it at the counter and they can grab it and go ... I just want it to be flexible and I know I find myself busy sometimes. I know people like online shopping but it's gonna be so nice to have it conveniently available locally.”

She also understands the frustration of finding a great product, only to find out the store it was purchased from no longer carries it.

“I want to provide a really stable shopping environment so that, as much as I can control, I can have stuff in stock for people and keep the same things that people like so that you're not waiting a month out for your favorite probiotic or your foundation,” Buchanan said. “I think it's gonna be really nice just having that convenience of things here.”

The grand opening for Well Kept is scheduled for January 21st from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store is located at 20 First Street West.

Well Kept
Natural supplements are available at Well Kept.
Ashley Koffler / The Dickinson Press

Ashley Koffler is a Killdeer, North Dakota native and Dickinson State University graduate, with a Bachelor’s Degree in writing, and minors in journalism and psychology. Formerly working in Community Affairs for Roosevelt Custer Regional Council for Development, her reporting focuses on the Dickinson city government, community features, business and agriculture — among others.
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