Three weeks after the horrifying experience for Country Rose Cafe and its patrons, when a vehicle careened through the front of their establishment, things are starting to settle back to where they were before. Courtesy of hard work from a caring community, the establishment reopened with tremendous outpouring of local support.

The Press stopped in for the lunch special and spoke with Darrell and Rosemary Smebakken on how the weeks have been since the reopening. Both of them had the same answer, “Tired.”

“It's been stressful,” Rosemary Smebakken said. “It's been a lot of work but we did it ... The painting, the cleaning, we cleaned 12 hour days for ten days. You don't realize how bad it was looking but there were bricks and glass all the way to the kitchen door.”

The Smebakkens are really glad that no one inside got seriously injured and as bad as it was, they know it could have been worse.

“We just moved kids off of (the bench along the wall),” Rosemary Smebakken said. “So many things that could have happened … as bad as it was we were lucky because we were packed solid.”

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A customer paying at the cash register at the time of the incident was pinned from the waist down, but suffered no serious injuries in the incident.

"All the employees are happy to be back at work," Daisia Wallner, an employee at the Country Rose Cafe, said.

Reindel Masonry, ENG and Viking Glass were among those local entities who aided the Smebakken's and Country Rose Cafe, something Darrell Smebakken said he was grateful for. According to Smebakken, the companies were “timely and expedient.”

“We have had great local support, contractors really helped us out,” Darrell Smebakken said.

Even with such support, “tired” is more than understandable after the strenuous work the café owner and employees have endured over the past month — let alone the financial burdens placed on the family with the absence of their resturaunt.

“We had to work so hard to get here today,” Rosemary Smebakken said. “Everybody is glad we are open and of course we are super busy on the very first day … it's like nothing ever happened.”