Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Dickinson

Herbology Dickinson serves a 50-mile region

Herbology Dickinson opened in Dickinson Friday. Operated by Grassroots Cannabis, the medical marijuana dispensary is the company's fourth site in North Dakota and serves the 50-mile Dickinson region. (Brandon L. Summers / The Dickinson Press)

Herbology Dickinson opened Friday in Dickinson at its 318 24th St. E. location.

The medical marijuana dispensary, operated by Grassroots Cannabis, is the company's fourth in North Dakota, and sells marijuana products for medicinal purposes.

Its hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"We're really excited to be in the market," Talley Wettlaufer, Grassroots Cannabis vice president of retail, said.

Wettlaufer said the store will "bring a plant-based medicine that can really help the patients in the area find relief from what can be really debilitating symptoms."


The same company was also selected for dispensaries in Devils Lake, Minot and Jamestown.

Based in Deerfield, Ill., Grassroots was founded in 2014 and has 53 dispensaries and seven cultivation and processing facilities across 11 states.

Among the products being offered at Herbology Dickinson are a wide range of flowers, vapes, concentrates, tinctures, lotions and oils, Wettlaufer said.

State regulation requires that the products have a maximum THC concentration of no more than 6%.

The site does not provide any recreational-use materials.

Herbology also helps guide patients through the medical marijuana process.

"If you come in, we can show you how to get your medical card," she said, "and once you have your medical card, our team is trained to help consult with you and guide you to what the right products might be for your symptoms and qualifying condition, and what you feel comfortable with."

While the medical marijuana program is new to North Dakota, Wettlaufer expects the market to grow into the future.


"We anticipate the market evolving and growing as people get more comfortable and understand more about what the products are and how it can really help improve their lives," she said.

Security at the Dickinson site is a high priority for the company.

"There's several measures to ensure that both the patient, team and product is all secure," Wettlaufer explained.

Response to the new facility has been positive, Wettlaufer said, and attending the opening she had the privilege of meeting some of their new patients.

"People were really excited to have something local to them," she said. "In a lot of areas where dispensaries are, people are traveling fairly long distances, which is tough when you've got some of these really debilitating conditions."

Expansion for Herbology is possible in the future, but not being planned at the moment.

"We're just going to watch how the program grows and how our customer base grows," Wettlaufer said. "Our dispensary is a fairly good size, so we have plenty of room to expand and add more people and more point-of-fail systems as needed."

Information about Grassroots Cannabis can be found at the company's website: .

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