Real Deals holds grand re-opening

Real Deals on Home Decor has re-opened at a new location at Elks Drive, southwest of Prairie Hills Mall. Co-owners Cheryl Regeth, left, and Trudie Neurohr, celebrated the event with their customers Thursday. (Brandon L. Summers / The Dickinson Press)

Dickinson's Real Deals on Home Decor has moved to a new location.

A grand re-opening event was held Thursday at 766 Elks Dr., Ste. A, just southwest of Prairie Hills Mall.

Real Deals opened in 2010 at its former east Interstate-94 business loop location.

Co-owner Trudie Neurohr calls the franchise store "a shopping experience."

"It's retail therapy. That's what we call it," Neurohr said. "If a customer's coming in and having a bad day, we just visit with them."


Real Deal offers home decor, seasonal products, and handbags and apparel. Later this year, they will be adding a boutique.

The store boasts six part-time employees, including two regular "part-time permanent" staff members.

The grand re-opening, which continues Saturday, July 13, was a big event for co-owners Neurohr and Cheryl Regeth.

"It's been overwhelming, just all the support from the shoppers," Neurohr said. "It's all of them out there that made this happen."

Already, they have received positive comments about the new location.

"Everybody's just loving the building and the brightness of it," Regeth said. "And they always get good deals here. We've got so many specials."

Regeth and Neurohr were inspired to move by a need for more space, and a desire to have greater visibility.

"The traffic was a little slower out there," Neurohr said. "When we first opened in 2010, that was what (Real Deals Inc.) wanted, an off-the-beaten-path destination shopping experience, and it's worked great since we opened. It's been amazing."


They were also prompted by changes at the corporate level.

"They re-branded," Regeth said. "We had to change our logo. They did away with the pegboard on the walls, and that store down there was all pegboard. We had to redo everything anyway, so we thought we'd just move."

Regeth and Neurohr enjoy the new location off 15th Street.

"Just having the windows, it really brightens everything up here," Regeth said. "That was an older building we were in and everything here is brand new. It just makes it brighter when you have a new ceiling."

Readying the new store came with some challenges, though.

"We had to move thousands and thousands of dollars of freight and find room for it," Neurohr said. "We have smaller storage area here."

The co-owners also had to build everything in the store themselves.

"We had to build all the shelves," Neurohr said. "It was nothing here. There wasn't even anything on the walls. There was no ceiling. Nothing."


Even though they were closed for only two weeks, Real Deals was missed by its customers.

A long line had formed at the new location a half hour before its doors opened.

"I almost literally cried when they were coming in this morning," Neurohr said. "It was so great to see them again."

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