BINFORD, N.D.-Binford, with a population of 172 residents, received an unexpected visit from the national sandwich chain Jimmy John's.

The company set up a pop-up sandwich shop and filmed a commercial in farmer Dennis Haugen's wheat farm to introduce their new 9-grain wheat bread for its sandwiches. It's the first change to its bread options in 20 years.

"It's a great ad. I didn't know they were using local people and didn't know it featured Binford the way it did," Binford Mayor Ken Gilbertson said.

"It was surprising, but it was a great surprise. Any time we can get good publicity for our small town, it's a good thing."

Gilbertson wasn't the only one surprised though. Bonnie Skaufel was working at Binford Grocery and Hardware and noticed all the commotion going on in the field.

A few people told her what was going on, but when someone from the crew visited for supplies, they invited her to come out and try a free sandwich.

And who passes up a free lunch?

Skaufel visited and was ultimately featured in the commercial.

"I said, 'I hope I'm not in that commercial'," said Skaufel with a chuckle, "then my friend said, 'Oh yes you are.'"

Binford is about 60 miles north of Valley City.

Skaufel says the whole crew was very kind and hopes the commercial can provide some exposure for the town.

"For our little community that was a fun thing to do.

"I hope it sparks interest, little towns have a lot to offer. We may not have everything that Fargo, has, but we do have something nice and it can maybe get people to come and visit."

As for the sandwich?

"It was very good. I would definitely go again."