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Wild Vines showcases variety, community spirit

Wild Vines is a flower and gift shop and a community hub all rolled into one. (Photo courtesy of Michaela Applegate)

Wild Vines Market is more than just a flower shop.

For one, it offers a variety of goods, including a wide assortment of locally made Vinter's Winery wines, cheeses, flowers, plants and tea too—a veritable smorgasbord.

"The reason that there is so much going on, so many things, is that in a small town it is important to have multiple things within one business," Wild Vines' owner Michaela Applegate said. "We just kind of lack a lot, so the more things we can bring to the community the better."

Applegate has only been in Beach eight years this May, but she's quickly fallen in love with the town, and with the Wild Vines location. She worked there years past, when it was just a flower shop, and said she was saddened when it shut down and went empty.

"Why is no one jumping on this?" She recalled wondering, and after a time she decided to do something about it. With the assistance of the city auditor, Applegate took over the location and Wild Vines was in business.

"We decided to open a flower shop! And I thought, well, you kind of need multiple things going on so I thought I would get my beer and wine license and sell wine," Applegate said. "We don't have a place to buy gifts (in Beach)."

Applegate expressed gratitude for the community support she's received.

"I love Beach. I know I'm not from here but I've never felt like I'm not a part of the community and I've always had the community support," she said. "I just wanna make myself a part of the community and I want something beneficial, I want to provide something."

Beach doesn't have a lot of entertainment options, so Applegate set out to let the community make use of her space for some fun.

"I have a gal that host paint nights ... and so I'll bring her in for a night and we'll do a bottle of wine or tea and they can just chill out and paint for the night," Applegate said. "The more we can provide, the better."

Wild Vines bursts with a festive atmosphere from the entrance on, with its eclectic selections fanning out from the entranceway, a cozy walk-in wine closet sporting a collection of vintages sporting unique names like Captain Jared's White Pearl.

"We're really thriving, we're doing really well," Applegate said. "We do try our best to make sure everything we send out is quality, we're always learning. We'll never be perfect but we'll always look for ways to perfect our game."

Noting that Wild Vines is happy to take suggestions and feedback from customers, Applegate also said that as they expand, their cozy storefront may not be enough to contain all they have to offer.