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Hair Lines Salon in Beach a community fixture

The local salon is a locus of activity in any community, and Hair Lines in Beach is no exception. Iain Woessner / the Dickinson Press1 / 2
Maureen Fulton keeps a tidy shop at Hair Lines in Beach, offering a wide variety of services to her clients. Iain Woessner / The Dickinson Press2 / 2

BEACH—Maureen Fulton has worked at Hair Lines in Beach for well over 30 years, cutting, trimming, perming and coloring hair and hearing gossip from the close-knit community.

Her lips are sealed, though.

"I prefer not to listen (to gossip), I stay neutral," Fulton said. "I have a lot of people who say 'what's the latest gossip?' and I say 'I'm not even sure.'"

Neutrality may be the key to success in this business—Fulton's been a familiar face in the area for many years, but for the past three she's been not only an employee at Hair Lines, but its owner as well. It allows her to run the shop the way she wants.

"My thing is, since Beach is such a small town, I like to keep my prices low, because there's a lot of elderly in town," Fulton said. "I have a whole range of people, but I really cater to the elderly. I try to keep the prices down so they can afford it."

Fulton was born in Wibaux, Mo., and grew up there, taking her first hair-cutting job there after she was finished with beauty school. She moved to Beach a short time later, got married and started a family.

"My biggest thing is family time when I'm not working," said Fulton, who has two grown sons and a grandchild living in the area.

Spending time with family keeps Fulton busy when not working the shop. As for what she enjoys the most about the hair business?

"How different people are, and how happy they are when they like what I've done," she said. "I like to do different things. If they'd just like a trim ... that's exactly what they get. If they say 'do what you think' that sometimes scares me ... but I'll say 'let's talk about this awhile' and then we discuss it and then they like it."

Fulton recalled how the oil boom changed the town for a short time.

"When the oil boom was here, lots of different people (came)," she said. "It was nice to see and it's also been nice to see it get back to the norm."

She offers all the salon services and haircutting one expects, as well as highlights, lowlights, some waxing work and she'll even pierce ears—and only ears.

Hair Lines is located in Beach at 209 E. Main St.