Dickinson native Lisa Marie Benz is one of ten finalists for Super Chewer's most dog-friendly bar in America.

Her bar, That Dane Bar, was opened on May 1, 2018 in Lake Havasu, AZ.

The 3,500 sq.ft. facility has a bar and off-leash dog park.

"We also offer a leashed lounge, and that allows maybe not so social dogs to still enjoy time with their owners, maybe start getting socialized towards maybe moving to the dog park area - of course not required," Benz said. "We do have a lot of elderly dogs too that come in and just want to hang out with their owners, so that gives them the option."

For the humans, the bar serves wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

"We offer pool and foosball, darts, cornhole - all the bar games you can think of," Benz said. "We have seven TVs so football season comes around, there’s not a bad seat in the whole place. We do bi-monthly cornhole tournaments and beer bong tournaments. We alternate those. We also bring in special events like the Grinch and the Easter Bunny."

Although she isn't sure it won't be cancelled due to the pandemic, she's planning to host a snake aversion training in the bar.

"We bring in three live diamondback rattlesnakes to help instruct the dogs and help them learn the sights, sounds and smells of a snake and how to avoid them," Benz said.

The winner of the contest will receive a trophy, party and 1,000 super chewer toys.

Voting for the winner is on pause for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic. Once it resumes, you can vote here.

Benz has two Great Danes, a four-year-old male named Rogue and a three-year-old female named Jade.

"Mr. Rogue here, my business partner, had cancer first year of business, so it’s been kind of a rough road getting started, but he’s still alive and kicking and ornery as ever," she said.

After moving to Fargo, ND, Benz opened That Dane Dogsitter in 2010 with her two Great Danes at the time, Gracie and Boo Boo. They passed away in 2015, and she adopted Rogue a year later.

In the future, she'd like to offer dog daycare and boarding and some "human barktenders because the four-legged ones aren't always that helpful."

Benz is in a separate contest as well to be on the cover of Inked Magazine. The winner of that contest gets $25,000 and will be featured on the cover of the magazine.

The tattoos she would feature were done at No Coast Tattoo in Fargo by Lucas Stram, who has since retired.

“I’d like to be able to sign the cover of the magazine and send it to him as kind of a 'Hey this is your work here that made the cover'... Of course, the money for my bar would be helpful. My family is back home in North Dakota. I would love to be able to come visit them again,” Benz said.

Voting for the quarter-finals has ended and official placements will be announced Friday, March 27.