Assumption Abbey seeks financial support for projects

The Assumption Abbey is asking for the community's support to fund various projects including cemetery maintenance, parking lot improvements and a new livestock water tank.

Assumption Abbey
Courtyard at the Assumption Abbey
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Abbot Daniel Maloney of the Assumption Abbey extends his wishes of Easter grace and joy to the community at large.

May you have a lovely spring after your fruitful Lenten season and Holy Week. This time of year we are mindful of the power of Jesus' message of death and resurrection wherein forgiveness of sin and victory over Satan has been attained,'' Maloney stated in a recent letter to the people of the Western Edge. “May Easter be a pathway to spiritual renewal and growth in knowledge of the power of Jesus Christ to heal all wounds and save all people.”

He said their Easter appeal this year will be addressing various outdoor projects. The Abbey is located on beautiful and scenic land in the rugged plains of Stark County. Every day brothers are reminded of God's glorious creation, and would like to ensure that guests, visitors, family and friends can experience the rejuvenating presence of God when they come.

The first project they want to bring to the public’s attention is their cemetery. In his Rule, Saint Benedict writes that monks' seniority is solely based on when they join the monastery. So, it has nothing to do with how wealthy or powerful one's family is or any personal attributes of the monk. Thus, the slave can be ahead of the prince and the pauper may be ahead of the merchant. The same is true of this cemetery.

Though they have an area at the head of the cemetery for abbots, the rest of the monks are buried in the order of death. The carpenter is next to the scholar, the administrator can be next to the janitor as we are all equal in the eyes of God. They seek to hire someone to arrange headstones in better order. Some have sunken a bit and others are not even. Doing this will beautify the cemetery, honor the dead and make the lawnmower-monks happier. It’s a reminder that we all enjoy the sure promise of our resurrection in Christ.


The next project is that of laying a chip and seal on parking lots and roads around the Abbey. In 2019 they laid a new surface to most of the roads and parking lots around the monastery. Contractors recommended that applying a chip and seal to this surface a few years after to keep it maintained for the future. The pavement has held up very well and they hope to keep it that way for the future. This demands outside help as they do not have the necessary equipment or training.

One final project concerns installing another water tank for the cows in one of their pastures. The plan would be to bury a pipe from a spring to a water tank. They have been awarded a grant to cover about half the cost of this project, but still need to raise additional funds. Once the water tank is suitable, they plan to fence off one of their ponds to keep the cattle from eroding the sides. This will benefit the cattle as fresh water from a tank is better than pond water that has been contaminated after the cattle have drunk, etc.

“You have been so generous over the years to help ensure the good functioning of our beautiful Abbey. Thank you so much. If you should choose to help us with a donation toward our grounds or other needs here at Assumption Abbey, we would be very honored and grateful. If you cannot, please keep us in your prayers,” Maloney stated. “If we happen to raise funds beyond our goals, these funds will be used for other capital works here at the Abbey. God bless you and keep you safe throughout this blessed Easter season. You have been a great blessing to us. As we commemorate and celebrate the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for our sins, let us remember one another.”

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