Battle of badges: Dickinson police, fire vie for diamond dominance

The Dickinson Fire and Police departments will compete in the Battle of the Badges, a much-coveted game of softball on July 17.

Dickinson Police and Fire departments pose for a photo after the 2020 Battle of the Badges. This year, the heated softball game between the two rivalries will be held Saturday, July 17, at Astoria Field. (Photo courtesy of Dickinson Fire Department)
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In place of guns and hoses, Dickinson firefighters and police officers will take to the plate to bat for bragging rights in the fifth annual Battle of the Badges.

The softball game between the Dickinson Police and Fire departments is a fundraiser for both the Dickinson Police Association and the Dickinson Firefighters Auxiliary. The first pitch for the Battle of the Badges takes place at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 17, at Astoria Field before the Badlands Big Sticks Baseball game that evening.

Detective Sgt. Kylan Klauzer said, jokingly, that he hopes to continue the winning streak against the fire department.

“(The fire department) may correct me, but I can't remember us losing just yet. So those will be my famous last words,” Klauzer teased. “... (It’s all done) in a humorous fashion. Playing with those guys in front of the community and (with a) fundraising sort of event it's always fun. It's a good reminder to us on how much people enjoyed those events and specifically, these two entities and what they represent.”

Fire Marshal Mark Selle jokingly chimed in and said, “I would say that we probably need to do a badge check prior to the game to ensure everyone is a police officer.”


“DPD is a very good team at cheating… Just kidding,” Selle jested. “Both departments are extremely competitive and want to win. We have been watching film all week and practicing hard for this game, our team is ready to win.”

Selle added that this is a way for the community to support both departments and see them outside of their uniforms.

“The games are always fun with antics from both sides so pack the stands and cheer for your favorite department,” Selle said.

Though the game is all in good sport, it’s an opportunity for both sides to come together.

“We're essentially one in the same mission of serving the community through public safety, and so our overarching mission of serving Dickinson obviously is shared,” Klauzer said, adding, “Many of the duties on a day-to-day (basis), from our response to accidents, injuries, EMT calls and stuff, we cross paths daily. So the camaraderie of stuff like this strengthens the brethren of professions. It's a good thing (and) good sporting fun. Police and fire have a long standing history across the country of competing against each other in this kind of fashion.”

The game is open to the public, free of charge.

Jackie Jahfetson is a graduate of Northern Michigan University whose journalism path began in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as a freelancer for The Daily Mining Gazette. Her previous roles include editor-in-chief at The North Wind and reporter at The Mining Journal in Marquette, Mich. Raised on a dairy farm, she immediately knew Dickinson would be her first destination west as she focuses on gaining aptitude for ranch life, crop farming and everything agriculture. She covers hard news stories centered on government, fires, crime and education. When not fulfilling deadlines and attending city commission meetings, she is a budding musician and singer.
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