Grand Forks man makes creates over-the-top video to sell his used Ford Focus

John Goerke says he has been overwhelmed by the response, and admits it's not quite what he was expecting.

Grand Forks man makes viral ad for used Ford Focus
John Goerke stands with his 2010 Ford Focus.
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GRAND FORKS — John Goerke is feeling pretty cool these day, and who wouldn't, driving a four-cylinder, 2010 Ford Focus SE around town?

He says it has insane speed.

"Just breathe on that gas pedal — you can't get that with any other vehicle," he said with a laugh.

He's been very meticulous with the upkeep during the three years he has owned it.

"(I) always change the oil," Goerke said.


But with a new baby at home, along with two toddlers, it's time to get rid of his beloved car. He and some friends moved into the fast lane to sell his ride, making a two-minute ad.

"We went completely balls to the wall," Goerke said. "Let's take this car and make the point that cool comes from inside the car."

He got the idea from the music video "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd. There are really only two small differences: That video features a Mercedes in Las Vegas. To contrast, Goerke drives a family sedan with 120,000 miles down the strip in Grand Forks.

"(A) guy is having a rough night, gets in the car and it revitalizes him," Goerke said referring to the plot of the video.

Goerke spent about a month shooting the video and editing it with some friends. There was one crash during the making of the commercial: The group crashed one of their three drones.

"This is the most fun I had with this car," he said.


He still has the car a month after making the ad. The marketing professional says he's received more interest in his hobby.

"Pretty much I had clients calling me for photography and film," he said.

Once he sells the car, his plan is to buy a pickup.

"It's worth of every penny of $5,999," he said, referring to the asking price.

Grand Forks man makes viral ad for used Ford Focus

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