Indoor wonderland: Winterfest to heat up Dickinson with cool activities

The 4th annual event features bingo, classes, vendors and more on January 21, at the Dickinson Armory.

Winterfest 2021
Visitors paint signs at Winterfest 2021.
Contributed / Moe Events LLC

DICKINSON — The 4th annual Winterfest will take place on Saturday, January 21st at the Dickinson Armory from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Organized by Sarah Moe of Moe Events LLC, this event will offer a variety of activities and classes for visitors to enjoy.

Bingo with mystery prizes will be available for visitors 18 and older, with a fee of $2 per card or $5 for three cards to support United Way of Dickinson. Children can participate in games such as dart ball, ring toss, and bag toss. Wristbands are $1 for children over 5, and $5 for a group of children. Additionally, face painting will be available for those feeling festive.

Four classes will be offered at Winterfest, catering to a variety of age groups. Wonderment Therapies will begin the classes with a course teaching sensory strategies to beat the winter blues at 10 a.m. A musical teddy bear party will follow at 11 a.m., teaching children 5 and under how to sing, dance and play instruments. At 12:30 p.m., Cassie Fink of Finks Customs will lead a class on creating and painting wooden signs. The day will conclude with a beginners "Joy of Movement" course by Dickinson Dance & Family Dance at 2 p.m. Online registration is required for each class.

Andreea Evenson, who runs the Pitter Patter Club in Dickinson, will also be a part of the Winterfest event. The Pitter Patter Club is a group of 10 families who meet once a week for 45 minutes. Each eight-week semester brings a new collection of songs, and Evenson believes that music is an important part of her culture and seeks to help parents inculcate that passion from a young age.

“Lots of families are not making music at home. They're not singing, they're not even singing lullabies. They don’t consider themselves musical,” Evenson said. “So we're just trying to encourage families to bring music into their lives because music is beautiful. It helps the children with brain development… Having this foundation of music will make it way easier for them to learn how to play any instrument later on.”


She added that she believes this is beneficial even from the earliest stages of life.

“I encourage parents to bring them right after birth because there's a window of opportunity when they learn so much,” Evenson said. “Their brains are like sponges.”

Sarah Moe started Winterfest in 2019 as she felt parents and their kids were being underserved with activities available during the coldest times of the year.

“I think it’s important because during the winter there aren’t a whole lot of events occurring that don’t cost a lot of money. So our goal is to provide a safe, family fun event that won’t break the bank,” Moe said. “Families that are struggling, there will be some free options for them. We try to keep the wristband costs really low.”

Pitter Patter Club
A Pitter Patter children's music class.
Contributed / Andreea Evenson

The goal of the event is to provide a safe, family fun event that won’t break the bank. Many small businesses will be in attendance, such as Blooming Cactus Boutique, The Bake Shop and Lazy Dad Antiques, along with several big name brands like Avon, Norwex, Pampered Chef and Tupperware.

Winterfest is a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together during the winter season. With a wide range of activities, classes and vendors, there is something for everyone to enjoy. For more information on Winterfest, call 701-495-4480 or visit their website at To learn more about the Pitter Patter Club, go to their Facebook page or check out their website

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