Killdeer thanks School Resource Officers, students tour courthouse

Fifth-graders given a tour of the Dunn County Courthouse to learn about the workings of the courtroom, meet sheriff's canine deputies.

SRO Avalos Presenting at Killdeer Public School Board Meeting.jpg
Dunn County Deputy and School Resource Officer Jonathan Avalos delivers a presentation at a recent Killdeer Public School Board meeting.
Contributed / LoAnn Roshau

KILLDEER, N.D. — Learning is most effective when schools are safe and welcoming for all students and adults. Having a solid line of defense is especially important, given recent national news. Cowboy school leaders understand their first responsibility is to foster such a culture. At the last Killdeer Public School Board meeting, local law enforcement gave a presentation highlighting their roles. SROs play an integral role ensuring school facilities are safe. Having law enforcement present at school hastens response time during critical incidents.

Sheriff Gary Kuhn
Dunn County Sheriff Gary Kuhn explains to Killdeer fifth graders what it takes to serve and protect a community.
Contributed / LoAnn Roshau

“Our SROs are highly trained and skilled law enforcers; however, they are not meant to scare or intimidate kids into behaving,” Sheriff Gary Kuhn said. “They are meant to be educators, informal counselors and law enforcement officers who are part of the schools in which they serve. Our goal is to become a member of the administration who kids look to for advice, support, and safety.”

The Dunn County SROs are focused on forming positive relationships among students, staff and parents.

“It is from building these relationships that the officers are able to protect students and staff from threats violence,” Dunn County Deputy and SRO Jonathan Avalos said. “It’s proven school violence is less likely to occur when SROs are present.”

Avalos works closely with fellow SRO and Killdeer Police Officer Michael Moseley.


Superintendent Jeff Simmons agreed and thanked the officers for their hard work and dedication to keeping Killdeer Public School System safe.

“I don’t know of a safer place in Dunn County, we appreciate everything our SROs do, and enjoy working collaboratively with them.” Simmons said.

Additionally, Dunn County law enforcement officials including Clerk of Court Lisa Guenther, States Attorney Christina Kissinger, Kuhn and Avalos recently provided a tour of the county courthouse to Killdeer’s fifth grade class. Students were awestruck by the intricacies of the courtroom and got answers to all their judicious inquiries about how it all works. They also learned more about Kuhn’s furriest deputies, canines Nero and Drone.

The Dunn County Courthouse is located in Manning and welcomes tour groups of all ages, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To schedule a tour call 701-573-4448. For more information about the sheriff's department, call their non-emergency line at 701-573-4449.

Everyone Gets Very Own Nero or Drone K-9 Officer Plush Toy.jpg
Killdeer fifth graders show off their stuffed canines.
Contributed / LoAnn Roshau

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