Vote Daniel Johnston for State Treasurer

This letter is paid content. Republican primary voters always look for real conservatives to support. It was, therefore, unavoidable that someday a well-funded liberal would spend tens of thousands of dollars sending out mailers with the word “conservative” next to his name and hope that he could fool North Dakotan Republicans into voting for him. Thomas Beadle is that candidate.

While in the state legislature Beadle has voted with Democrats for gun control. He has voted with Democrats for abortion every single time a bill on that issue has come up. He has sponsored a bill to create a special protected class for those with “perceived gender-related identity.” He has been among the legislature’s most aggressive advocates of increasing state spending even supporting efforts to spend five million dollars on a state sponsored cactus garden. Now Beadle wants Republicans to make him their nominee for State Treasurer so he and his supporters have spent tens of thousands of dollars telling them that he is “conservative.”

Fortunately there is a conservative in the race. Daniel Johnston has a proven record of standing up for the 2nd amendment, the right to life, equal protection under the law and restraint in government spending. Do not allow one of the most liberal politicians in North Dakota to simply buy the Republican nomination for State Treasurer. Spread the word about Beadle’s deception and vote Daniel Johnston for State Treasurer in the current mail-in primary.

James Kerian

Grafton, N.D.