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A man went looking for his birth family and found out his brother was a classmate

Kennesaw Hall at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Ga.

A Kennesaw, Ga. man went looking for a family he’d never met and ended up finding someone he could have lent a pencil.

Kieron Graham,  grew up in an adopted family. As the years went by, he became curious about his birth family but had no way of knowing who they were.

“What does my mom look like,” he told WXIA-TV in Atlanta, Ga. “Why don’t we have any pictures? It was a difficult conversation.”

Graham’s adoptive mother bought him a DNA testing kit online. When the results came back, it hit close to home.

“I realized my number one match was a guy named Vincent,” Graham said. “He ends up living 15 minutes away from me.”

And, it turns out, they both go to Kennesaw State University. And they have the same major.

“We didn’t even know what to say at first,” Kieron said. “He was just kind of like is this real? You’re my brother.”

Vincent Ghant says he remembers helping out with his younger brother before their mother made the decision to put Kieron up for adoption.

“All of that ran through my head. All of that ran through my head immediately because that was my last memory of him,” Ghant said.

The two now plan to spend time together over the holidays.

Kris Kerzman

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